Saturday, July 14, 2012

Party Day... in bullets

The weather forecast said something like a high of 16 or 18 degrees, grey and overcast and a 71% chance of rain. We had the cold, the grey but fortunately, no rain. Because I hired one of those kiddie ride cars and thankfully, I got my money's worth.

The weather also means I took crappy pics because I can't shoot in non-sun weather. On the bright side, it was COLD, GREY weather which I still do love.

Seriously, my pics indoors are so terrible. Hopefully my friends got some good ones. But I did take some nice ones, mainly of people, outdoors. Shame - I had to tell Cat's daughter, "please come outside for 2 secs so I can take a nice pic of you". Best? She listened. Amazing age!

This is the only one I got of my two the whole day.

I do have some pics I took while they were getting dressed but haven't looked through them all yet.
  • Everyone pitched. Amazing since this is winter and kids are sickly (one of the twins stayed away).
  • Thank goodness I got Nester and Nanny S in for some of the day. Everybody had a list this morning. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't stayed up late preparing.
  • I still had to bake a last-minute cake. Somehow I'd miscalculated and bought too few cupcakes.
  • I jumped in the shower at 10:19 for a 10:30 party... I figured it was more important to get some of the table pics first rather than get dressed on time.
  • Not everyone wanted their pictures taken or wanted to play :(
  • I was hurt by a comment and very irritated by another, both family. Par for the course.
  • There were some tantrums. And some quick thinking by some mothers. E.g. my one friend eventually told her boy the battery on the kiddie car was flat so they could go home :)
  • The kids got SPOILT tons and tons. They still have 4 gifts to open tomorrow. So far they have fought over a pram and a doll, and have been occupied for a long time with blocks and alphabet magnets.
Things I'm not sure of:
  • having a 10:30 start time in winter. It works great in summer because it's warm but not too warm yet. 
  • why I continue to have somewhat high expectations of family.
  • if I'll ever get into the "themed cake" thing. It's the first thing my sister thinks about every year and she really gets into it. She does it herself and practises a week or two beforehand. I love it but it's not me
  • how I'll ever transition to a venue party. I just LOVE having people in my house, even if it gets messy. All part of the fun. I love the buzz and the people and the taking it all down and restoring to order afterwards.

look at the sunroom - this is the cleaned-up version

I had to lie down with Connor this afternoon to get him to calm down and sleep. He eventually fell asleep at 4:15 and didn't wake for supper. He's still asleep in his t-shirt but I put tracksuit pants on him so he'd be more comfortable. You all know my motto - never wake a sleeping baby!

I also slept for 1.5 hours and then I've been up, tidying, sorting, starting to prepare for US.

One more before I jump into my warm bed... a silly pic with Connor

We so loved having everyone over. Even Kendra said so (and she's the shyest of the 4 of us).

Do you like having people at your home?
Or is the stress of the mess too much for you?

PS paper plates rule!


  1. Glad you all survived the party!

    We only do themed cakes that can be bought in supermarkets!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture with Connor!

    This all gives me hope for our party!! The last two years I've hosted their party at my parent's house. They have plenty of space, and love to entertain. I cringe at people being in my house, I worry about the state of my baseboards of if I cleaned behind the toilet! I'd die of embarrassment if someone saw my bedroom! Having people over is just too much for me to handle. I also don't like venues, because here a lot of them run everything for you. I like things a little more personal and I hate most of the food choices you're locked into.

    Truth be told, I'd love to just not have a party. I'm not sure they'd really know any different till they start school but I'm sure they family would let me forget. So why is it that we hold family in such high regard? I try not to have expectations, or one so low they can't be missed, but I'm always surprised by some people. I'm especially surprised at the generosity of my in-laws. I know they short themselves to make sure the girls are spoiled, yet there are others (family mind you) who still can't tell them apart. :(

  3. Looks like a fun day despite the few 'incidents'. I hope the kids enjoyed themselves more than you did ;)

    I love having people over at my house (granted it's usually just adults so far). I find it more relaxing and interesting than meeting up in restaurants etc.

    Character cake, you were brave to try that on top of everything.

    I'm not big on paper plates but if it's a large crowd, I use paper plates and disposable cups and cutlery wouldn't want to add washing up dishes to the clean up after everyone is gone.

    Don't you switch on the flash when you take pictures, that should help solve your picture problems. My 'professional' photog friend told me to use flash when in doubt

  4. Glad you survived! What was your party theme? Sorry about the odd family members. We all seem to have them. Sad but true.

    Do I like having people at my home? Not particularly. I don't go out of my way for it but yet, when I do it then it goes really well. I could have written Mandy's 2nd paragraph word for word.

    Love the last pic of you and Connor.

  5. Glad that you all had such a lovely party. I'm so sorry that you had a comment from family which was not welcomed. And that it did hurt. Love that silly pic of you and Connor.

  6. We had a great time, thanks for having us over Marcia! :-)

    I could tell that there was a bit of an in-law atmosphere going - that sucks, but don't let it spoil your buzz.

    Did you get the gazillion pics I mailed you? I didn't edit or cut any, but use whatever you want to if there are any in there that you like.

  7. Awh my friend, it was one great party and really, you did so excellently. Amazing attention to detail, lovely everything.

    Ag and family, with me it's my mom. My in-laws are abgels on earth. So somewhere we all have issues.

  8. We love having people at our home. The mess is always worth it :)


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