Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So here's the state of affairs

I was checked in early, verrrry early.

D and I had coffee and a muffin and I'm through passport control.

I tried to go to the slow lounge and felt like a real idiot because I'm apparently not rich enough. FNB did send me a communication to say I had accesss but the guy there said its only for RMB private clients.


Oh, you want to know about the kids?

They were fine.

I only packed this morning and at 11 we went to see 3 pre-schools and then to PNP to return 5 pairs of shorts and pants that all don't fit me!

And then a quick lunch.

The kids went to sleep only after K made me promise I wouldn't go on the aeroplane without saying good-bye.

We waited for them to wake.... K eventually woke, we had to wake C, all red-cheeked and super gorgeous like a baby.

They said goodbye nicely and D and I were off.

I must admit... I'm a little bit worried because my mother still favors K but I told nanny S to please be gentle with them and give lots of hugs as my mother's not affectionate at all and that's the stuff I worry about, not the physical stuff. but I decided these kids are God's, they always have been so it's His job to watch over them.

The main reason I'm writing is this though- I decided to only bring the iPad (which I still kind of hate) so who knows if it will be easy to buy data or if I'll be able to blog once I leave the comforts of glorious South Africa and my data provider.

Don't worry, I always get super patriotic when I travel, it's the strangest thing. comments will be very rare because I hate a typing on this thing and I'll have to try to remember to take pics from here so my occasional posts actually look a bit interesting.

I brought both the iPad and the kindle because the last thing I want is for one to run out of power on this long trip and me to have no reading.

And of course, the big camera.

But tell me, is there anything one can do to get the pics from the canon to the iPad? I don't think there is so you'll have to wait to see them all in Aug... Or from one of the Mandys :) sooner than that.

So what I'm pleased about so far...

# Being super early
# Getting in at 16.2 kg,I was aiming for 14 kg, Connor's weight. my allowance is 23 kg.
# I could have done hand luggage if not for the conference clothes. One suit, another pair of black pants, two pairs of shoes, one to present and one to be a delegate, tops, cardigans, etc,......
# My bags have been put straight through to Charlotte so I only have my handbag and a camera. Oh the joys of travel without kids :)
# My hair is trimmed and looking healthy again.

So that's me.

How are you on this Mandela Day?


  1. Wooooo!!! I am really so excited for you. I hope you have a wonderful, smooth (kid-free!!) trip.

    The hotel has free wireless, I believe, so you shouldn't have a problem connecting from the ipad. Not sure about pictures from the Canon though.

  2. It's so sweet K made you promise not to go on the plane without saying bye. I'm glad to hear there was no crying. I trust they'll have a swell time with grandma.

    I'm quite certain the luggage allowance is 2 bags of 23kg/50lbs per bag per person. That's standard for flights to the US, enough space for US goodies for the family when coming back ;)

    On the ipad there is a camera connector which you buy separately which you use to transfer pictures from your camera to an ipad. Yes another gadget :)

    I hear wifi is quite cheap and widely available in the US, hope you can keep us up to date on the conference and meeting your US friends.

    Journey mercies.

  3. As Adesolaf said, there is a gadget donnector that reads memory cards onto your ipad. Younwill certainly ot find it cheaper here than there, so buy one while you are ther anyways.

    Enjoy my friend. And all will be fine here

  4. I'm so stinkin' excited you're headed this way!!!

    And yes, I'll get pictures up before you do. But I told Mandy H, I'll be handing the camera over to one of you to take some more "professional" pics! ;)

    SAFE TRAVELS, Marcia!!!

  5. Yes, safe travels!! I believe I can scoop up a card reader for you. I've always been confused with your iPad and it's wifi situation. Ours runs on wifi only l, I refuses to pay the phone company twice. There is free wifi everywhere here it seems.

    I love that Mandy considers us professionals! Not by a long shot!! So much for me to do and so little time!!

  6. I hope you have a fantastic trip. I can't wait to see what you get up to!

  7. How exciting :)

    I love my iPad and my iPhone - I am an Apple supported through and through.

    Safe travels and have the most fun ever!!

  8. So excited for you. Can't wait till you back to hear about your adventures :)


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