Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Great Technology Fiasco and NYC part 1

I'm convinced the technology gods are against me.

I now have no phone and no Internet.

Yes, about 10 networks show up as wireless on my iPad but they all say "can't connect" when I look for them and select one.

We went to a Starbucks tonight before supper so we could look up city tours. Ridiculous. Paid $9/ R77 for two coffees and, as I like to think of it, 45 mins of Internet.

The $8 a month thing I paid for when I landed in the US only worked at the airport.

I've recharged my Skype credit because I believe that will work too but I don't quite get it because you need Internet to get on Skype? Still that never goes to waste because I'm styling with the kids through my mother's cell phone and when home, we phone our overseas friends. Hey! I now have more overseas friends.

Then my phone says t mobile. So tonight at a Duane Reed I bought a t mobile recharge voucher. Well, tried to recharge, failed so I called customer service and she says "we're not t mobile". Also they only recharge in $30 denominations and more and no way am I paying that when I've already had endless hassles. It's more to make quick calls and text.

So....Mandy, I'll be typing emails and when I'm in a free wifi area, it will answer your SMS. And of course facebook and blogging will have to do.

I'll ask the lovely Tiffany at reception (I told D her whole life story and he wanted to know how I know all this stuff. I asked her, of course!) some more about this wifi business tomorrow.

I bought an adaptor at Target yesterday. When I got back to the hotel, I found it was WRONG. So today I bought another one.

I'm very scared of calculating all the money wasted. Although it has been priceless to get texts from the Mandys saying normal girlfriend things like "meet you downstairs in 10" and getting LOVELY voicemails from Heather. We can't wait to go out as couples with the two of them.

I swear, this is making me crazy. I promise you, I'm a smart girl but I just can't get this stuff figured out.

in other news... NYC....

Already have good pics, have eaten lovely Thai food, walked a lot and bought some MORE nail polish.

D and I are missing the kids (first thing Connor says today is "mummy, I'm missing you" and Kendra, "we're reading STORIES!" so I think she's having fun") but enjoying eating food that's still hot and talking uninterrupted!!!

Tell me I'm not the only one who has technology problems.


  1. Oi, that must be so frustrating! But glad to hear from you never the less. I think I might have just given up on most things!

  2. I'm sorry to read that you have been struggling with Internet related things. That can be frustrated, I agree.
    Some people have told me that one should not convert money spend in another country, to Rand. Then you will think of it as very expensive. You should try to think about it in their money value. But I do agree, for 2 cups of coffee and 45 mins of internet, that is expensive.

  3. Oh my word...I am so jealous. Enjoy day I am planning a road trip.

  4. Sjoe. That technology stuff sounds so frustrating!
    Sounds like you are having a good time despite that. Enjoy yourselves. And do stop with the conversions already!

  5. I just hate how frustrating all this is, and understandably so! Especially when you're trying so many different avenues to make things work. I hope it doesn't color the amazing things you're experiencing!

  6. Technology woes aside, please have fun and enjoy NYC and hope you can do all the touristy things...

    Please make sure you go up the Empire State building and ensure your battery is well charged lots of picture opportunities there, a wonderful view of NYC from the top. Cat would love you as it's also amazing architecture

  7. Please tell me you're returning things that aren't working! Target will take virtually everything back and there are multiple Apple stores in NYC.

    So since you're missing the kids so much does this mean they'll be accompanying you for next year's visit?

  8. Capitalist technology is a common thing in some US public places. Glad to see you have fun with the Mandy's in NC.

    A believe it or not story: I paid a visit to my (now abandoned) IF blog of 2007/2008 and I was clicking the links of the last few commenters. One of those links brought me to your website. It seems like a lifetime ago but I can't believe we "knew" each other back then - the not-so-glory days.


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