Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is what they get up to at "pre-school"

Um, you were right - I totally didn't do my to-do list.

instead, I
  1. showered and dressed
  2. organised my wardrobe (I'm getting really sick of having stuff I don't use so I tossed some more "thin jeans")
  3. took photos of 10 bags I want to sell/ give away
  4. made lunch
  5. felt really sick at the thought of eating the lunch
  6. went to sleep for 2.5 hours
  7. woke up
  8. did puzzles with Connor
  9. wrote one guest post (which is going to be repurposed as one on my blog too :))
  10. put on some lipstick
  11. raced to Bedford to meet a friend
  12. had a fabulous supper (butternut soup) and an even more-fabulous catch-up (more on Friday)
I took these pics with my zoom lens from our pause area on the 2nd floor. Yay for spying on kids :)

Connor playing with food

10 points for you if you can see Kendra's head sticking out
their craft of the day - mosaic mirrors - I'm so chuffed with these
apparently they're not into drumming :)
getting bored

getting bored
at least they look cute!
I only have one baby at work with me today.

The other baby is still coughing and was very cross that he was going to be left home with Nanny S.

However when I said, "Connor, at least you don't have to share all the puzzles", he cheered right up :)

How's your day going?

PS I have 48 mails, best I get to it! Only 4 days of work left and 3 days FULL of meetings.......


  1. Sounds like your body was still recovering. Hope today is even better. I am attacking my lists with a vengeance. I have no idea how I'm doing it, but right now, I'm fueling my day with my morning coffee.

  2. Yeah to the long sleep - you clearly needed that. And 10- points for me - will recognize that pigtail anywhere. Oh and they are so cute.

  3. I love that you can look in on your kiddos without disturbing them. Such a neat way to get a sense for their personalities apart from you.

    Hope Connor feels better soon!

    And I do love those mirrors! :)

  4. I love that you can sneak in those pictures! I would be tempted to stand there watching all day. : )

  5. Hope you are feeling much better?

    I like that you see them without distracting them and if I were Connor to I wouldn't want to miss school, it looks like so much fun. And they look like they were kinf of enjoying the drums, except Connor wants to heat 2 drums at once in the 6th pic.

    Day going ok ;)

  6. That's so cool that you get to spy on them. It looks like they're having fun.

    You're lucky they don't love drums. Nicola has now started taking pots out of the cupboard and playing drums on them with wooden spoons while singing along loudly and doing the cutest little dance. It's adorable...but it's quite loud!

  7. So cool that you can spy on them! Love that you actually SLEPT on your sick day. Am buying myself a drum like that as my b-day gift to myself. Looks like a really nice programme that they attended.


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