Saturday, July 07, 2012

Today my babies are 3!

just to show you how small they really still are.

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

First of all, I still honestly can't believe I have kids.
A colleague and I were trying at the same time. Yesterday she popped around to my desk and said she's been trying to convince her husband to try IVF all these years.

I told her, "I'm just so grateful that the technology exists. Because if it didn't, I wouldn't have kids".

She's finally convinced him to at least go for an appt at a fertility clinic.

One step at a time.

Anyway, what a crazy year that was when we started being brave and going ahead with treatments.

And then that crazy year since they were born.

This last year has been the fastest year yet. Is this what happens every year?

I can't believe how BIG these babies are. They speak, we argue, reason (mostly me), communicate and have FUN together and apparently, according to Dr S yesterday, they're thriving.

Amazing really for 32-week-old preemies. All praise to God!

They get more fun all the time but I am just the teensiest bit scared of 3. I've heard it's worse than 2....Connor flat-out ignored Dr S and said back to him, "no, you help me" with putting blocks away. On the one hand, I was cringing and on the other hand, I'm thinking "wow, you need to keep that confidence" :)

Let the games begin :)

What's your favourite thing about 3?

PS these pics were the first day of pre-school pics :)


  1. Congratulations! Your babies are awesome Marcia. And you are a fabulous mom.

  2. Huge huge congratulations to K and C and to you and D too. You are such great parents and the are such well mannered kids. 3 was such a challenge for us, but mostly because L's issues came to the front - a lot of issues come out at 3 . Both C and A were easier at 3 than 2 but I guess as with everything every child differs. Lots of love

  3. A just said that she loves K's pigtails. Btw is she better

  4. Happy birthday, Kendra!
    Happy birthday, Connor!
    And congrats on THREE YEARS, Marcia and D! Enjoy it!!!

    And three is the awesome-est so far, I think! Sure, we have our whines here and there, but - to me - that pales in comparison to what little *people* they are now! Going and doing is so much easier...and just downright fun!

    It's no longer a HUGE feat for me to take the girls out by the park, to the store, to eat. And I don't feel like I have to plan for a week for a day trip. Impromptu is once again a possibility! ;)

    This may bite me in the butt any day as I type things like this (!!!), but I've never bought into the idea of "Terrible 2's" or "...3's". Every age and stage has its challenges. Maybe ignorance is bliss (HA!), but I just don't acknowledge that as a phenomenon that is likely to occur in our house. Maybe??? ;) That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

    ENJOY this AWESOME milestone, Marcia! And hug those babies...they're ALL YOURS!!! ;)

  5. Happy three!!!!!

    I love the hugging shots! Sooo cute!

    Three is worse than two??? Haha!

  6. Awww...Happy Birthday to your DIVINE kids and Congrats to you and D. Can't quite say what my favourite part of 3 was because as you know, there's not a whole lot of normal going on BUT I can say that it does get easier and that each age has its BLISS as well as its CHALLENGES. To be honest, the more they can express themselves and the more independent they become, the better it gets.

  7. Happy birthday K and C!!! May they be relevant to their generation and May the hand of the almighty rest on them.

  8. It's crazy how fast it goes, it's such a blur sometimes!
    K & C are so cute... it's so awesome being a twin parent, so different than I ever imagined.

    Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday babies!

    Even though we are almost done with three, my favorite thing has really been all of the questions :)

  10. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! CAN NOT! SO glad they are happy and healthy. I hope they had a special day and that you're fully prepared for the next year. I too am terrified for two 3 years olds, TERRIFIED! But we've made it this far, only how many years left??? LOL

  11. Happy birthday, sweet beautiful Connor and Kendra!

    Three is a WONDERFUL age!!! They are still sweet and retain some baby-ness, but are slightly more independent, much more portable, and just down right FUN. They say hilarious things (without meaning to), fit beautifully into your arms, and are cuddly, adventurous, and adorable all wrapped up into one cute 3 year old package... or in your case, two packages. :)

    Enjoy them!

  12. Happy Birthday, Kendra and Connor!!!! Wow, time goes by so quickly!!! And yes, it feels to go faster every day. Give them big kisses from their friends across the ocean!

  13. Katherine9:08 pm

    Hope they had a very happy day. I just love 3 and can honestly say that so far it has only got better and better but we're only at 5 and 3. My favourite part is how beautifully they play with each other, they really are the very best of friends and I hope it stays that way.

  14. Happy birthday to two sweet, gorgeous, and spunky three-year olds!!

    I LOVE age three. Really, I do! Yes, there are moments of attitude when I want to run away from home (ha!), but mostly I love the increased independence, the grown-up conversations, and all the other good things that come with three.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful kids and congrats on you and your husband, D, as well.
    I really can't remember what my fav thing was with my kids when they were 3 but I can say, that please enjoy them this way as when they get older, they get "smarter" with their parents and then you miss them being so small :)

  16. Sorry I missed the actual day :( I have been away and off the grid!!!!

    Hope it was spectacular!


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