Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Very cute babies with nanny S

These kids have a "thing" about running around the house n*ked when they're about to have their bath... even when it's freezing cold.

I had to take some pics - they look so happy.

Wait until this afternoon when I leave...ta da da dum :)


  1. Lovely pictures!!! Looks like they were having a ball and I love the naughty/silly faces ;) :)

    Truly Marcia's babies
    You will miss them so much.

  2. Totally kissable cute!

    Best of luck with this afternoon.

  3. Beautiful. The girls do this too. I have a ton of pictures of little butts running down the hall!!

  4. Cute!!!

    Lots of naked running around here too.

  5. Oh so sweet- and those little lips on both of them in the second to last- LOVE baby lips :)

  6. Very very cute pics!!!


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