Tuesday, August 07, 2012

38 things

Well, I didn't do as well on my list as I did the previous year but I have done 76% of the items.
I had to give myself a talking-to and tell myself it's better than nothing.
I mentioned a couple of months ago that a lot of my items were 12-part projects or worse (read 60 books) so I really was very ambitious (mad!).
This year I want to have more fun with my list.
I will still have 38 items but there will be no more than 5 parts to any one project except for the books.
This pic was taken of a bus stop on Bryant Square (is it square, street, where Bank of Ameria is?)
So let's get to it:
  1. Pay attention to what comes out of my mouth. This is a topic for a post but I learnt at She Speaks that I process and express internally so in times of stress, I shout. And I need to learn to stop doing that. My scripture is Ps 19:14 may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight.
  2. Assume positive intent with D. Am I the only one who assumes he leaves things undone just to annoy me? I read a lovely post (again, another blog post) where she spoke about the secret of a good marriage is to assume positive intent. They are not out to get us.
  3. Have another beach holiday. I would happily go back to Ballito.
  4. Plan a celebration for my mother's 60th next year. This is going to be interesting because she 1) hates parties 2) hates a fuss...
  5. Take the kids to the Pretoria Zoo.
  6. Spend Mandy's voucher. MandyR's family gave the babies a very nice experiential gift and I'll take them to do two fun things. Any ideas? Are they too young for Sci-Bono?
  7. Sponsor another World Vision child. I want some of you along with this ride - R150 a month or thereabouts. Less than $20.
  8. Do Santa's Shoebox for another 3 kids.
  9. Have a mini photo shoot - how will we ever top the Newtown one though?
  10. Have 25 dates with D.
  11. Get to Cape Town.
  12. Get kids registered for pre-school. There is just one thing to check and then I can pay.
  13. Get into another position at work. More later... but I am SO inspired by Heather.
  14. Bring my awesomeness to current job too. Take charge and act with courage.
  15. Get my handwriting made into a font
  16. Read a Jeffrey Deaver novel.
  17. Read a John Grisham novel.
  18. Read a Patricia Cornwell novel.
  19. Read a James Patterson novel.
  20. Read a Michael Connolly novel. (I haven't read any crime novels since the babies were born and it's high time I started again, don't you think?)
  21. Read 60 books in total, 12 of them non-fiction.
  22. Declutter books so that I have ALL of them on the one small 3-shelf bookshelf. Currently all 3 shelves are full plus 2 others - the one is only about 70% full.
  23. Read entire New Testament
  24. Write a book for the Kindle. Am I mad? I think so.
  25. Ask God to show Himself regularly, in the little and big things.
  26. Start speaking a message of hope to Christian women. This is here as a ginormous act of faith. Because I have No Clue how this will work. But I'm available and willing.
  27. Take 25 awesome pics of people's faces (by awesome I mean pics even they love). On the one photowalk I still haven't blogged, I took pics of an ex-staff member and she loved them so much. That's what I want. To show people they can have good pics even without smiling :)
  28. Make a craft with scrapbook paper.
  29. Make a craft with canvas.
  30. Make a craft with cards.
  31. Make a craft with bakers' twine.
  32. Make a craft with stamps.
  33. Make a craft with all my punches.
  34. Make a craft with photos. I have a plan for the NYC pics but let's see. I'm starting on Friday - hopefully it's not a huge flop.
  35. Save R_________  - it's a huge chunk of money, a stretch even for me so that it forces me to think differently about my finances and not just put away what's comfortable. Did you know I started saving R50 (about $6) a month in 1998? Those days are long gone. But that's also the same year we started sponsoring World Vision kids.
  36. Simplify business even more. Another thing God spoke to me about at SheSpeaks (and MandyR also said) - I'm too busy. I do like having a lot to do but this is ridiculous. I want my one free night a week back where I do nothing but read.
  37. Buy a frivolous YELLOW handbag for summer
  38. Start collecting the Seinfeld DVDs. I have none at the moment so I need to "hit up" (as you US gals say) Musica or Look & Listen.
And that's it.
Still a huge stretch, still very challenging, still requires tons of focus but I feel lighter and somehow more free.
Did any of those surprise you? Do you have ideas for any of them? Do you want to join me for any?


    Can you tell I'm excited about that??

    I've always wanted to sponsor a child, but I need to find an organization that will mesh well with us.

    I think both 1 and 2 are necessary in my life and I'm stealing them. How I'm going to convince myself that he isn't out to get me is going to be QUITE the challenge. LOL.

    And yes, you are much too busy. Even if it's only 2 nights a month, you need time to decompress and enjoy the simple things. Pillow forts and chocolate chip cookies!

  2. This is am impressive list and I'm sure you are up to! I'm definitely 'stealing' some of them (wink, wink)

    I would like to join in on 7 (even if just for 2 or 3 months), 8 and definitely 27 -remember I like being on either side of a camera :) ;)

    Surprises for me: no. 1 can't picture you shouting and no. 15 really how do you do that???

  3. Lesley12:03 am

    I love your lists, they are so creative. You must have amazing energy!

  4. All hail Marcia, maker of super ambitious lists! Very nice, I think you're going to have fun with this one.

  5. Oh I love how you make lists and I am so going to do no 2! What a wonderful message!

    SO please let me know when you are coming to ourzoo - maybe we should join you guys and we have a picnic together.

  6. Well, you know I noticed the book goals right off! : ) I love Patricia Cornwell. It's been a long time since I've read her books, but my mom and I used to pass them back and forth. Have you read John Grisham before? I want to read his newest.

    Good luck on this year's list, and I have to agree with the others...you should slow down a little!!

  7. I think that you are going to have so much fun! I am hoping to do most of it within the next 6 months and then focus on the part-stuff. There are about 4 part projects on mine. And I was VERY specific to focus on fun stuff too!
    I'll join you with the saving of x amount cause I am currently saving jack!
    Oh, and I would buy Seinfeld off Loot or Kalahari. It's way cheaper and they deliver!
    And why not come to CT for your beach holiday? Brilliant swimming beaches include Noordhoek, Muizenberg/St James (in Kalk Bay), Strand (close to your friends in Kuils River).

  8. Love the idea of positive intent. I'm sure that holds true of so many relationships, not just with your spouse. Thank you for that powerful phrase.

    I can't wait to hear what you have in mind at work. You are such an amazing, positive, resourceful, powerful person. I want to see you sharing all your many strengths at your job, and not being so weighed down (or at least that's how it seems sometimes).

    I still need to look through my list of John Grisham novels. I've read every one of his works (except the latest non-legal fiction about baseball...not sure if I'll make that one...I'm so not a baseball person).

    In all, I LOVE that you're having more fun with your list! I know being productive is fun in itself...but I hope this coming year is full of more joys than ever. :) Certainly with your babies at three now, I'll bet you'll get into more and more family fun, too.


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