Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A beautiful day and potty training

1. Did I call it or what?

It looks like the temperatures are getting warm...I'm tentatively excited about SPRING!

2. Also, in other news, there have been lots of potty training posts in my Google Reader over the last week and.......let me just add to the talk out there.

It got even worse than this in our house and we have officially regressed.

My lovely ex-boss said to me to just relax about it and so what if the child in question is in nappies for another month?

You know what? I 100% agree. There are bigger things in life to worry about.

When it's warm (proper) I'll relook at things again.

And like with babies sleep (or not, as the case may be), this does not define who I am as a parent.

Maybe someone needed to read that today?

3. I am super-impressed with my black Goth fingernails. I can't stop staring :)

What do your fingernails look like today?

PS I made that little printable :) See how happy I am about the warm weather?


  1. You know what my finger nails look like :)
    I'm also loving the warmer weather

  2. I have such a song in my heart about the weather today! I am loving it! And I am actually wearing the caramel/ brown polish you gave me today - I love the colour.

  3. I am loving the warmer weather too! Woot - come on Spring!

    Don't beat yourself up about potty training. When the time is right, it will just fall into place and work. That's my experience with Nicola anyway. She did not want to be I gave up...and then one fine day middle of winter she just refused to put a nappy on again and that was that. It had absolutely nothing to do with me or my training methods. And maybe that's fine since it's really her milestone anyway, not mine.

  4. Gosh. Our potty training experience was try, fail, try, try, fail, fail,fail. WIN. I don't know if it was just because he was finally ready or if it was because someone else did the training. These kids are very unpredictable.
    Maybe a good idea to wait until it's warmer.
    CT was FREEZING today - a bit of hailstorm and everything. Lots of rain. For various reasons I don't wear colour on my nails. I have brown on my feet.

  5. Yeah, I'm GLAD it doesn't define us or J and I would be a total FAIL as parents!

    Right now my fingernails are navy (with a bit of shimmer, tres classy) but i need to re-do them so must get OFF the computer!!

  6. I wish the weather would not get any warmer than it is today. I don't like summer :(

    I'm sure potty training would fall into place when the baby in question is ready. Though I hope it is very soon :)

    Clear nail polish on my fingernails, cherry red on my toenails (one of my favourite colours)

  7. Ummm... Is this post directed at me? Haha!!!

    Actually I did need that because I'm feeling pretty low today.

  8. so. i have 36 posts of yours to catch up on....YIKES. i will not be able to comment on all of them, but wanted you to know that i am reading and will get back to (semi) regular commenting now that i am back from vacation ;)

    we're starting to potty train now, too. i'm trying to be all "french-parent" about it (have we talked about the book: bringing up bebe?), but i'm getting a little stressed as well.

    ...and i was ALWAYS thinking that things would get easier in the spring! haha!


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