Monday, August 27, 2012

A few things on a Monday

1. Well, friends, I said I wouldn't complain about the heat this summer (and it's not even summer yet, or spring for that matter), and I haven't yet.

But it's come close. I mean, 30 degrees on Saturday is glorious on the one hand until the heat headache hits.

Still, please remind me if I start to whinge about the weather because it's still TONS better than that cold winter we had.

2. We had our Fertility Babies supper on Thursday evening.

I had a splitting headache by the time I had to leave so I couldn't even move fast. I had the bright idea to meet Natalie there 30 mins earlier and I couldn't even let her know that I was running late. And then I was even later driving round and round that darn parking lot (both levels) looking for parking. I was 26 minutes late - can you believe it?!

But.... as usual, once I was with my friends, it was SO lovely. Food, company, etc.

3. Okay, so I think I may have a problem.

I had no idea that I come across as so bossy with photos! It was mentioned in Charlotte (*ahem* I'm not saying who...) and I just thought "oh, different cultures" but my friends on Thursday said I was "persistent" which is a very sweet way of saying I wanted the pics I wanted and was not going to be dissuaded!

Are you bossy with photos? Even just a little bit to make me feel better????

BTW, I can't promise I'll change. I get it in my head how I want the shot to look and then I want it as close to that as possible. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

4. The light! The gorgeous summer (almost-spring) light!

Look at my KIDS (not babies anymore) :)
my little girl - Kendra says to me all the time "Mummy, say, where's my little girl?"
And my little mouse. He tells me he's a little mouse and goes "squeak, squeak".

and last but by no means least...
Connor's taking a pic of me taking a pic of him :)

5. I'm working in a construction zone (literally). They are breaking down offices/ walls/ desks all around me. There's a layer of dust everywhere and I would not even be here to work if I didn't have so much to do.

This is setting me back so much because of course the action items are growing as is my email.

I'm also not-so-slightly distracted because I got my emotional intelligence report emailed to me this morning. Nothing bad, per se, but the person in there isn't me. It sounds like a much more wimpy version of me which is a Clear Signal things need to change around here.

Kendra wearing the headband from Jess
I've made my menu plan for all of this week and most of next week. Getting to the stage where I don't want to shop but use up all the food in this house. There is NOTHING I love more than an empty fridge/ freezer and cupboard, ready for a proper shop :) 

How has your weekend/ Monday been?

Anything exciting happening this week?

PS is anyone else watching The Amazing Race?


  1. least you got some heat. We got some sun today and it was glorious.
    I am usually bossy with posed pics. That's why I tend to steer clear of those. I do action/natural/"I didn't even realise you took a pic" type of shots. I should post them hey? Maybe I will. I have been working in the construction zone for months. It has been HORRIBLE. Noise and dust and fumes. Not fun at all.
    To be honest, there is nothing that freaks me out more than an empty fridge etc. Because then I wonder when I will realistically be able to fill it again. Stresses me out. Full cupboards and fridge = happy, contented Julia.
    My Monday was surprisingly good. Impromptu lunch date with Friend L(!) and NBL leaving me alone.
    I'm not watching Amazing Race. Am getting into bed with my book just now. Need to get to bed earlier.

  2. If pictures are posed I like to get them right and even if I have to be a little persistent 'bossy' (cough cough) to get the right pictures I will. Plus I usually like to take a couple you know just in case ;) ;)

    The pics of the kids are beautiful especially the one of C taking you a picture, smart boy (LOL)

    Sorry about all the construction, that would be my excuse to work from home because my nose and dust don't go together at all.

    I watched Amazing race a few times but stopped. Haven't seen it in a few years. I have just not been able to get into those type of shows.

    Monday was busy busy busy and the week is not looking any better, but hey I'm only working 4 days this week so not too bad.

    Pls don't get me started on the heat. I hate hate hate hate heat. See if u juggle heat you get heat. I thought I was going to melt on Saturday I did a 5km walk on Saturday afternoon and it was too hooooot, maximum temp was expected to be 32C and seriously it felt like 40C. Other than the heat the weekend was great. Did yoga (for the first time in like forever, 6 years) and a 4km walk on Sunday. So fitness wise weekend was great :) :) :)

    1. Oops sorry didn't realise my comment was so long

  3. I wonder who that person could be... LOL! Whoever said bossy was bad?? Pictures are made to capture the moment, not what some server sees! I applaud you on your bossy photo style! If I were more vocal there might just be a family portrait to hang in my house!!

    You love an empty fridge/pantry? ARE YOU MAD?! I start to itch when things get to low. I always like to have things on hand. ALWAYS. Maybe it's just because I'm a wasteful American -HA! I do end up throwing things out because they've become freezer burnt, gone bad, or out right expired.

    My weekend was pretty blah, but that's the norm. As for today, we've jumped into preschool lessons loosely and everyone is rather excited!

  4. I can be bossy with photos too. I mean, you want to capture the perfect moment so why not have it exactly as you want it, right??

    Your kids are getting so big!!!!

  5. **Ahem** You know I love you, Marcia! And I have a specific vision, and as long as you're polite (and tip, if it's a server you're asking), I think you're just fine.

    Love those pictures of your babies!!! Their cheeks and eyelashes are just amazing. :)

    And my weekend was so productive! I feel so good! I can't believe I'm saying that, without the girls having napped, too! I ordered my pictures (through June, which means I'm still behind...but much less so than I was!). AND I'm rocking and rolling on Alison's scrapbook...and enjoying myself while I'm doing it!

    Yes, those test results sound like a sign. I hope you'll continue to think through the best options for you. You are such a strong, smart, talented person...I just want to see you where you can function at your best and be appreciated for it.

  6. I am not really bossy with photos - I just capture the moment (usually blurred) but Davids aunt is a photo nazi - lol - she gets tense when we dont pull the right faces etc :-)

    Why dont you use the food in the house on the menu plan - I do that - so if I have a tray of chicken left over at the end of the month I work that into the meal plan - then just buy whatever I am short :)

  7. Ok, so snap! I have been told that if I do not put away the camera it will get thrown away - kid you not! SO I ma really trying to be less intrusive.

    I am thinking that maybe you should drink water with some game in in summer - maybe your body uses the isotonic stuff up in the heat. Try it, maybe it will help?

    We love Amazing race! ALways watch it. I love the Aspergers guy - my, is he making the world look at autism differently

  8. I'm bossy with photos. If I want you to sit, stand or whatever, I am going to demand that so that my photo looks great with you in it :)
    Nope. Your kids aren't babies anymore :)

  9. I'm more than bossy :) my poor kids!

  10. I just love that pic of the 4 of us. We all look good too!
    And some beautiful pics of C & K, you are getting so good with your camera, almost like a professional now!
    And yes, I am bossy with photos too!


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