Sunday, August 05, 2012

A few things

my kids love brushing their teeth
1. Well, I had a lovely 4-hour date with D today - I called it my birthday lunch. We went to a lunch with Jeffrey Deaver (do you know who he is? If not, he wrote the book that the movie The Bone Collector was based on)

It was at a very swish 5* hotel in the northern parts of Jhb and I ran intoTHREE people I know. I mean, really! One I work with - his wife was like, "so how do you know my husband????" and the other two I used to work with at a previous company so now we're just FB friends.

The author had a great Q & A and I connected well with all three ladies at our table.

Fresh from my travels, I felt absolutely No Shame in taking tons of pics. I feel like a bit of a freak at first and then I almost assume the role of Paparazzi and just go for it :)

I just love how she does this.

2. So the situation I spoke about yesterday escalated about ten times today. At one point we had 5 pees in about 1.5 hours. The child now has to wipe up the pee but still thinks cleaning is a huge adventure. We eventually resorted to bribing with M&Ms and had ONE success after that. It looks like we're starting the whole process again...

3. I finished the birthday party pics and all my July pics yesterday. I figured I'm on a roll, might as well get to it. Of course this means I have about 100 unread items in my Google Reader. By the way, I  "marked all as read" TWICE in my inspiration folder (otherwise called the folder I pin from) while I was away.

Now I just need to blog it all and get it on here. Cat took some pics too and uploaded them to dropbox but oh my soul, I just downloaded 4 tonight and decided there has got to be a better way because I'm going grey(er) downloading them pic by pic. Cat, can I please EFT you some money to put on a disc and send to me?

4. This Pinterest post is my favourite of the week - there are so many bits of genius in there. Don't read if you're drinking coffee - I nearly spat mine out right at my desk on Friday. Oh, how I love Claudia's writing. Claudia, you are on my list of bloggers to meet (in a non-stalker way)!!!

Last but not least, please put your link in my random act of kindness link tomorrow.

So how was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week? 

Well, for me that would be my long weekend. Thursday is women's day in South Africa and I've taken Friday off. As I said to my colleague, it's almost a sin to NOT take the Friday off, right?

And then I'm having a few friends over for a little lunch on Saturday. Yes, I'm mad. When we were in Charlotte, MandyR told me I'm too busy and I 100% agree. I'll slow down... after Saturday ;)


  1. You're on my list too, dude! (Although, being you, you probably have an actual LIST, whereas I just have a vague idea cloud floating around in my head).

  2. Oi about the potty training - it isn't fun :-/ Good luck!!

    This week I have a ladies day thing on at Monte Casino and then D is away at Oppi Koppi until Saturday (or maybe Sunday) - the kids and I are going to just chill and I am going to scrapbook!!

  3. Me and hubby have also taken off on Friday. Friday is our 10 year anniversary as well :)
    Love that your little ones love brushing their teeth. SO important.

  4. I have also taken Friday off - yeah! But Lucy is off too. Eish, yes, potty trainng is never the very best of fun but alas, this too will pass. And I will really just mail it to you

  5. I was going to take Friday off but unfortunately winter has eaten all my f-ing leave (excuse my translation), so i'm coming in to the office to read a book since no one else will be here for me to play with. It's still a win as far as I can see. ;-)

    Good luck with the retraining...

  6. I am trying to save my leave for the end of the year so haven't taken Friday off. I love this set of pics. And Child2 HATES brushing teeth.
    This week I really just want to go back to having quiet time by myself. It's been a while and I am feeling it. A LOT.

  7. Love the pics! Our boys love brushing their teeth too. So sorry about the potty training woes and the fact that M&Ms do work. Our boys are starting to get to the point now after a month that they don't get any for going on the potty, so it's not a forever thing.

    I'll be at school on Friday, but I get out at 1PM!!! I'll need a nice weekend after all the work I've been doing this week here at school. I've read more non-fiction than I have since I graduated engineering school 18 years ago!

  8. oooh I have read and enjoyed lots of Jeffery Deaver's books! How fun!


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