Sunday, August 12, 2012

A little boy in time-out and a few other things

1. Well, I'm feeling tons better today - not so guilt-ridden about yesterday and also it did me good to get out of the house for a bit.

Good thing too because my doctor's note only says I'm not well til today and I tend to take those things as law :)

Tomorrow when I go to work I have a 6 page document of action items waiting for me from my boss - I kid you not - plus my own standard 2 pages.

So there's going to be no rest for me while she's on leave. I said in my 38 things list that I need to get another job and I'm working on exactly what that will look like with my coach. I have lots of homework.

2. Can I officially say I'm over winter? I am SO OVER IT! By this time of year it's usually in the low 20s already, which means a short-sleeved shirt with a jersey for the mornings and evenings and yet I'm still dressed like it's June!

Louisa knitted me a scarf for my birthday - a bright blue one that is the PERFECT colour for me (the kids are both eyeing it) - and I've lived with it around my neck the whole day today. Perfect for this horrible windy weather too.

But I know in typical Jhb weather one day we'll be wearing caps, gloves and scarves and then two days later we'll be in short sleeves moaning about the heat again.

3. I've been banging on to anyone who will listen about a book called What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty. If you're looking for a page-turner, get it, read it and come tell me what you think. I LOVED IT! It made me late for work 3 out of 4 days (I had a meeting on the 3rd day so had to move my butt) and it was so very worth it.

Right now, I'm about 75% through with Mary DeMuth's Thin Places (memoir) - you have GOT to read Watching the tree limbs.

And then a friend in the computer and I are going to read The 5 love languages for kids. I should start on Wed/ Thurs. Anyone else keen to join us?

4. I'm currently sporting green nails on the one hand and black nails on the other (Kendra and Connor's idea). I'm not in love with this green (a new one) so I'll paint over them in black and be a goth for the next few days.

I still have lots to say about the USA (at least two photo posts but also what were my favourite things, my least favourite things, best things about NYC, how you guys are different from us South Africans (waste!) and how I felt myself change during the trip) but right now I'm feeling like a good spring-clean. 
  • I went through my bathroom drawers and tossed bath salts, foot salts, hair contraptions I no longer use, etc. 
  • I also put together two bags of clothes from the kids  - one for Nanny V's little boy and the other for the church.
  • And I updated my old budget (pre- the trip) and tossed all of those receipts (bliss). I need to finish it up this week though.

next up:
  • delete some of my pics from the laptop
  • organise all the electronics chargers
  • print pics for the kids' birthday brag book

Oh, did I tell you my work colleagues gave me a nice digital photo frame for my birthday? I was super-chuffed even though I already have one at home. But then I thought, "hang on a minute. is this a hint about my desk with my 12 photo frames?" hmmm. Anyway, I'm going to put some pics on a flash drive and then use that one at work.

What's on your list for the week?

PS Please tell me how you're getting through this cold. I'm drinking COPIOUS mugs of tea and hot chocolate, and looking decidedly unsexy.
PPS The rest of you, is your summer hanging on too, or do you feel the slight chill of autumn?


  1. Today was fantastic weather! It was in the 80's with a slight breeze but I am getting antsy for fall. I miss apples and pumpkin everything!

    I cannot wait to hear about our wastefulness! The wastefulness, the processed plastic goodness, and the many other unsavory American characteristics!

  2. I'm commenting! Can you believe it? I still keep up with you! Thankfully you're a great blogger! We are in the hottest part of the year in was 107 degrees F / 42 C??. It's been incredibly miserable! You're kids are gorgeous! I can't believe we have 3 year olds!!

  3. Yeah, I would like to join in on the five love languages for kids! Let me know when you're starting!

  4. I just pile the clothes on! And as soon as I get home I am in my pjs! D hates it but really I choose warmth over style!!!

  5. I am so over winter too and made chicken soup on Friday - recipe to be posted I think. And thatnks for the book suggestions - am going ot look into both as I am hosting bookclub in September. So glad you are feeling better and I think that frame was a brillinat idea.

  6. We have had a couple of gorgeous, slightly cooler days here, and it's been fantastic. This has been one of the consistently hottest summers ever, and it's made it hard to enjoy much time outside. Friday we spent time playing at the park, and Saturday we hiked a different park. Sunday we went for a walk and played outside. I know we're bound to have more really hot weather, but at least we should start to feel some relief here and there. I'm ready!!! (You know I've been drinking hot chocolate, just trying to will the cooler weather here!)

    The girls start preschool this week (!!!), so that's the biggie on my list. I also have things due to the bi-annual consignment sale that I do, so much to do in preparation for that. Would you believe I have my "off time" (when the girls will be in school) committed for this week already? ;)

    Still need to check out that Moriarty book. And I love it when you say "chuffed". :) Can't wait to read your posts about the US! I hope you'll be uncensored. I love hearing about others' perspectives, even if they do sting here and there. :)

    Hope you have a great - and productive! - week! So glad you're feeling better!!!

  7. Eish. I just pile on the clothing. And as soon as I walk into the house I put on my pyjamas. I had my hot water bottle and a small blanket at work last week. Those menopausal women were just ridiculous and had the air con on HIGH! This week I need to sort some admin and spend some time on my money spreadsheet. And of course I need to clean up so I can go away for the weekend!
    Oh, and I had to go and find a bakery now because someone wants to take cake tomorrow for the kids at aftercare. It just doesn't stop!

  8. I have heard great things about What Alice Forgot...checking now to see if it's at my library yet! I have Gone Girl waiting for me on the kitchen counter, which I've also heard a lot about this summer. I'm in such a reading mood lately! Good thing vacation is coming up next month. : )

    I still laugh every time I hear you talk about how cold it is there when it's the exact opposite here. It doesn't take much to amuse me, apparently! It is quite a bit cooler than normal here this week and we are soaking it in. Ready for fall!


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