Thursday, August 02, 2012

August goals and how I did in July

Guess what?
I'm done with the pics! I've been up til after 1 am for the last two nights but it's DONE!
Down from 1619 to 1198 - 26% for those who like stats :)

where do you think this was taken?
So, these were my goals for July.  
  1. Don't get too sad about the babies growing up. Celebrate their growth and have an awesome party.
  2. Decide what to do about my party.
  3. Try not to freak out too much when I'm away from my kids for 11 days.
  4. Have an awesome speaking conference - engage fully, participate, show courage and have fun. Don't be scared of the Southern ladies! There were people from 5 countries - the USA, Canada, SA, Poland and a South American country
  5. Have awesome blog meet-ups with my dear friends in the computer. Don't think too much but just DIVE in. I have plans to meet 4 people in Charlotte and 2 in NYC. Yay! So Deanna couldn't come at the last minute :( but I met another blogger. I really need to write that post about all the bloggers.
  6. Read Galations, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians no, but I did read my devotional and other bits of the Bible. The point was to read and I did so I'm crossing this one off :)
  7. Read 5 books. I actually read 7!
  8. Go see all the short-listed pre-schools. I went to see 3 pre-schools the morning of my flight out. Amazing the differences in styles, cleanliness and organisation. One was a clear "winner" in my view. D has to go see it but I think they'll be going there next year.
  9. June photos
  10. June mini-book and some other little projects
  11. Go to gym 7 - 8 times. What was I thinking of? I was away for almost two weeks! Anyway, managed 3 times
  12. Update my budget & set realistic spending plan (mine has clearly been unrealistic).
  13. Check 22se.ven twice this month.
 So I did awesome. 12 out of 13 = 92%
For this month I was thinking of taking it easy... and then I started making my list and maybe I just need to accept that I'm happiest and most productive when I have got a lot on the go.
Central Park, NYC

  1. Read those 5 books of the Bible from last month
  2. Continue to pray about speaking and business

  1. Take kids to Bambanani
  2. Jeffrey Deaver lunch
  3. Two dates with D
  4. Check out any more pre-schools, otherwise register the kids.
Health and fitness
  1. Go to gym 8 - 10 times, 4 times with Connor 
  2. Drink 2 L water daily - I think this is the first winter it's been this hard
  3. Have 2 fruits and 2 yoghurts daily

  1. Finish USA photos
  2. Do July mini-book
  3. Print pics from May - July
  4. Edit and print kids' birthday pics (and post them) and put in a mini album
  5. Finish USA scrapbook - I am a rockstar. Wrote all the journalling on the flight back (much to the annoyance of the man in front of me) so I literally just have to paste in the stubs with washi tape.
  1. Get all the Mandela free sessions done
  2. Intro sessions with two new people
  3. Go through my shop and decide what to delete
  4. Send out physical copies of my book when they arrive. BTW, if you want to order an autographed copy and you live in SA, go get one.
  1. Birthday party
  2. Fertility Babies supper
  1. Get 38 people signed up to do a random act of kindness over the next two weeks
  2. Write out and post 38 things list
  3. Recon USA spending...
  4. Balance my account (I see SARS refunded me) and review budget for next year to see if we can afford to let the kids go half day and keep the nanny.
Have you set goals/ intentions for August? Link up your posts in the comments.
The best thing that happened in July was me stepping out of the box and travelling alone internationally and crossing some things off the old life list. Of course, within that statement are tons of other fantastic things.
What was the best thing that happened to you last month? 


  1. Picture from the top of the Empire State Building? Or did you do the Top of the Rock (my personal fave)??? ;)

    OK. I'm crazy-impressed that you're caught up on pictures! I'm done with March, April, and May, and halfway there on June. I haven't even touched's going to be nuts. :)

    So glad to hear you've made such progress on the preschool evaluations. I know that's a big one.

    Can't wait to see pics from the party.

    And it still makes me laugh for you to have said, "Don't be scared of the Southern ladies"...HA!!!

    1. Mandy, it's Top of the Rock and yes, some Southern ladies are scary...

  2. Don't reconcile your spending account, you might never come back!

    I can't believe its August already, I need to check on myself.

    1. Teehee, I did it last night and it was actually not that bad!

  3. You did good! I think I did well too. Will post mine soon. Not tonight though. Have been sooooo lazy these past few days. Best thing in July = fantastic birthday, mini-break and family time. Feels like it happened a long time ago.

  4. Well, that picture was taken from somewhere on top of a building over viewing some landscape.

  5. Oh my, the picture must be of one of those viewers on top of the Empire State building! If so, you did my wish for you for your trip.
    You did so well with your goals. I need to start getting my whatsisname into gear and do our photobook. And paint the house inside

  6. Well done, excellent hit ratio Marcia! I'm saving my last list update for my birthday to wrap it up nicely. ;-)

  7. I've seen those in movies ... and there use to be one around here, removed a LONG time ago. LOL That makes me sound old, doesn't it.

    I didn't make up July goals, but I have some for August!


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