Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Create} more washi tape binder clips & the sometimes fun mother

Get your posts ready for Saturday - our theme this week is COLOUR.

The other day I was constructively procrastinating. That means there were things I should have been doing and didn't feel like doing, so instead of doing nothing, I did things that were not necessary just so I felt like I was accomplishing something :)

Does anyone else constructively procrastinate?

The point is I cleared out my drafts folder. I had 60 posts in there. From 2010.

I deleted most of them until I was left with about 20.

These pics are one of those draft posts and is being posted because I realised it's Thursday (supposed to be our virtual craft day) and I have done almost nothing creatively except photos.

  1. Took tons of pics - nothing new there - but I am playing just a little with editing (that word is very loosely used because all I do is crop a little here and there and sometimes saturate the colour a smidge, oh and I found if there's too much light, I increase the shadows, again a smidge to make it more "moody" - all in FREE Picasa)
  2. Put pics from babies' party into a scrapbook like this one
  3. Finished the New York scrapbook
  4. Got my year-in-review book up to date (til end July). I've journalled up to the middle of August (when all the pics were printed)
  5. Made two batches of snack mix - sweet and savoury

Easy-peasy. Just take washi tape and very carefully cut strips and attach.
you could do these while on the phone with boring clients... not that I did them then...
happiness and best? nobody will steal your stuff. Everybody knows all the cute stationery is MINE!

What did you create this month?

I have a pile of cardboard in my bag to chop up with the guillotine tomorrow because I'm CRAVING a good session with my stack of washi tape. I want to make some gift tags (MandyE made me some BEAUTIFUL ones and they're so cute I don't want to use them - seriously :)) and let the kids do some too.

I must tell you all, I have become a "sometimes FUN mum". D was so shocked when he woke from a nap one weekend day recently to see me WILLINGLY letting the kids MESS with GLUE and GLITTER inside the house.

 It was so worth it just to see his expression. And the kids? They looked at me like "are you really going to let us mess like this?" but didn't wait two seconds to take advantage of my lapse in judgement.

It was Connor's idea to squeeze glitter glue onto their hands.

look at that concentration - she was intent on getting that glue out
 So we're going to keep doing things like this - out of my comfort zone - because I laughed SO much that day and we all need to laugh more, right?

And MandyR, I still have that pudding paint idea saved from when you sent it to me last year.

Are you a fun mother with your kids?

I'm about a 5.


  1. Sounds like you've made amazing progress on your pictures! I KNOW how time-consuming that can be...especially with as many as you took in the US!

    And good for you on letting go with the kiddos a bit! ;) I'd say I'm a 7 on the Fun Scale. We do a lot of crafts / help in the kitchen...but I do structure it...and if someone is not following directions, then their time is over. On some levels I wish I could throw caution a little more to the wind, but it's a housekeeping issue (mostly literally!) for me. If the girls make a mess, I have to clean it up...and what am I going to do with them while I'm mopping???

    I have been incredibly crafty this week...only TWO pages left on Alison's scrapbook! Will finish tonight! Woo hoo!!! And I cannot wait to give it to her...she's going to flip. :)

    So glad you like the gift tags. :)

  2. I think the warmer weather is definitely going to up our messy activity factor too - because then we can do it outside and I can just hose it down afterwards. ;-)

  3. Oh well I think you know we mess, a lot. I think I am about a 9 on craft stuff and messing and so on. But other things, things I think are not 'good things' I am a real spoil sport.

    There is one thing though that does drive me dilly - glitter - not the glitter glue type, that I can live with, but the sprinkle type. So that has te be outside.

  4. Linking up with you for CREATE! ;)


    Ooops, I never linked back.

    I do try my best to be a fun mother, not necessarily as carefree as I'd like, but fun. I'd go with a solid 7.624 ;)

    I have some summer ideas they might love that I'll send to you!


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