Wednesday, August 29, 2012

D & M in NYC - pics by Heather's Tom

I love this one - my favourite!

I love this series of pics of us in NYC.

Especially the laughing ones because somehow people are never around to take those kinds of pics of us.

I so appreciate  Tom snapping away - I'm going to put three of these in a frame in our bedroom - but I will do them in black and white since our bedroom walls are a minty green and I don't know about the blue.

Which is your favourite?

PS My necklace was a gift from MandyE - I love it!!!
PPS Today we're married 17 years 4 months :) Yes, we were babies when we got married.


  1. Oh I love those laughing spontaneous ones! those three in a row will be stunning!

  2. I also love the ones where you two are laughing. Yes, seems no one is ever around to take those when we as a couple experience them :) I think me and you are going to have fun with our cameras on that Saturday :)

  3. I would crop the ones of you laughing and then have them printed onto stretched canvas in black and white. They really are gorgeous x

  4. I love the pictures!!! I don't think I've ever seen such a big smile on D's face...awesome! I'm glad you're honoring these in your bedroom!

  5. I love these!!! You guys are adorable :)

  6. These pics are FANTASTIC. Love the necklace.xx

  7. 17years!!! Oh my!! A big congratulations to you both!!

    And what about lining three of them up, having the two end ones b+w and the center one colored?? Maybe even having a custom mat cut so the center one is slightly larger too??

  8. The pictures are all beautiful. The laughing ones are even more beautiful. Though I would frame two of the laughing ones and one of the non laughing ones just to mix things up. But any way you choose to go I'm certain they would come out great ;)

  9. Lovely pics of you two! I agree with MandyE, I have NEVER seen such a big smile on D's face! What was so funny?

  10. Oh wow! Such stunning pics!
    You've got me all excited for our trip to NY!

  11. What awesome photos!!

  12. Fantastic pictures!! How awesome it is to have these as memories from your trip! I like the laughing ones the best too. : )


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