Wednesday, August 01, 2012

{USA 2012} Charlotte paparazzi

I loved, loved, LOVED my time in Charlotte for many reasons but certainly one of those was meeting all these babies I'd only read about.

MandyE will tell you how besotted I was with her girls when I first met them (I kept saying, "I can't believe I'm SEEING them") and then seeing the other Mandy's kids the next day was a special cherry on top. All the personalities are SO cute

Of course, the three of us were are crazy and we had to play paparazzi.

Claire and Emma - Emma was like "I am SO over this"

I called Mandy the Pied Piper - all the littles were SO into her. Too cute!
I love this pic of Claire - do you know I had to do some careful cropping because the rest of the pic is rubbish?!
I melt!
Mandy E's Baby B
Emma in the front with B behind her
Then again, who wouldn't love the lady who kept giving them money? :) That's Baby A in the front.
Gorgeous pic of Baby A
love this angle - Mandy's hubby plus 4 cute girls
Tell me you're not melting. We caused a bit of a stir in downtown Charlotte with all this cuteness going on.
that face!
Serious model face!

friends with one twin!
and then with the other
These poor children were so photographed I'm surprised we got any good ones.

At one point there were 3 big cameras in their faces with some of us (not me:)) saying, "SMILE!"

I actually LOVE the non-smiling ones the best. Just look at Baby A's lovely serious face above. She's got that model look down at 3.5.

So, which is your favourite pic? Why?


  1. My absolute favorite is the 7th fromt he bottom - where they are holdign hands taken from the side view - such a stunning shot. I love it - jus tthe type of thing I love

  2. You know I love them all!!! I love the one of my hubby at the end of the line of littles, all but one looking to the left...I love the one of Baby A holding the penny...and I love the one of C's squishy face. I just want to squeeze her!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marcia, for capturing all this sweetness! :) :)

  3. Not fair to ask us to choose one picture from these gorgeous lot ;)

    My favourites are pictures 11, 12 and 13 and the very last 2 . Sorry that's five :)

    The last 2 pigs because the kids paired up. The serious model face too cute. That face reeks of pure excitement. And 11 just because it is beautiful

    1. OMG! Pics not pigs. Dumb spell checker

  4. I love the side shot of them walking in a line with J, and of course the money picture. I love how my child just sauntered into Mandy's wallet with her squish face!

    I have to get my posts together!

  5. I like the one where the four girls are standing next to that wall. They are obviously looking at something interesting but I just like how they're all doing it differently.

    All of them lovely pictures though.


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