Saturday, August 04, 2012

I don't know if this "travelling without kids" business is for me

Just to recap... I was away for 11 nights and D was away for 6 nights from  the kids.

They were taken care of just fine by both Nanny S (during the day) and my mother at night, and I believe my MIL had her monthly two-hour visit during that time too.

Everything went well.

I've always set out their clothes, 5 - 6 days at a time (my closet organiser only has 6 spaces), so when I left on the Wed, clothes were ready until Sunday and they'd have to sort out the clothes for the next week.

I made a menu plan for the kids and a rough one for the big people - not to dictate what they had to eat but more to show what we had ingredients for in the house. And I did a last shop on the Wed afternoon before I left.

My mother's cooking was hugely successful because Connor told me today that "Granny N's meatballs are my favourite meal". Right then! She does cook well. She also left two of MY favourite meals in the freezer for me, chicken lentil curry. YUM!

Of course, nobody bothered to update my shopping lists (my mother is a spur-of-the-moment shopper, not a planner like I am) so we had a few "aaarghhh, we don't have rice" moments ... :)

That's the physical part.

People have been asking if we were okay while we were away.

D was MUCH better than I expected - he was "overly hands-on" when there were little kids about because he missed ours but I honestly thought he'd be pining for them more.

I missed mine when I saw other little ones (the two Mandys and Pufferfish's kids) but I was mostly fine.

There was no crying from anyone!

We tried to skype daily but the time difference didn't always work out (it had to be 10 - 11 am USA time) and sometimes we were on a tour or out and about, but I'd say on the whole we spoke about 5 - 6 times, and we also left them 3 presents each.

When we got back they were so happy and sweet as pie but I mentioned before that Connor keeps telling me, "you must sleep here tonight" and "are you going to stay here the whole day?" and Kendra seems like she's extra huggy and kissy. She keeps saying, "I want to kiss you because I love you" which is perfectly fine with me. We're having a love fest here :)


One child has been having potty accidents regularly in the morning and at night. I thought it was happening during the day too but Nanny S told me the other day it's only happening when one or more of the parents are home. I think it's been getting worse though although I don't want to freak out - after all, this still is minor stuff in the grand scheme of life.

(some of you don't think so but I understand their world being turned upside down - never been apart from us and then for so long)

Sooooooo any suggestions in the meanwhile?

Should we just continue to put on underwear and change it a LOT (I saw today it can get to be a LOT) or shall I resort to nappies? 

I've tried bribing with raisins and it's not working. The child also acts like it's not a big deal.

PS D and I discussed it and we do still think it's worthwhile but for a shorter period. I told him I want to go to Paris next (just the two of us) or Thailand with the kids. 


  1. I don't know much about regression. I do know that it can occur when there are big changes in a child's life. I think that perhaps he needs some reassurance that you are not going to sleep out for some time - the child in question may just be feeling a bit insecure which I think is perfectly natural - you've both been away for a long, long time according to them. It may be that he needs a bit of alone time with you as well.
    I would say to first make sure that everything is physically OK with him. Sometimes kids can regress if they are constipated or have an infection etc. Once you are sure that this is not the case then I would go back to basics i.e. making sure he goes every half-hour or whatever it is that you do, rewarding him as you go along etc. It may mean that you would need to go hard-core. It may mean that you need to ignore accidents and/or make him clean it up himself. Please let us know how you go about managing this. I actually wouldn't put nappies on again.
    Good luck.xx

  2. We've had a little regression with A. I'm not certain that's what it is, exactly, but she started having accidents here and there. I actually called the pediatrician about it, as I was slightly concerned and wanted to know if there were signs of illness that I should look for.

    The nurse recommended I go back to "structuring" their potty trips. I had gotten away from that, but went back, and we've been fine. Now we go before we leave the house, when we get home, and after meals. I'd moved away from it, thinking surely they're old enough for me not to have to do that (???), but we're back on track now.

    My gut is not to go back to diapers, but I haven't faced what it sounds like you have on your hands.

    Hugs to you, Marcia! Enjoy the "love fest"! ;)

  3. There is no returning to diapers in this house!! EVER! (That goes for the hubs too! LOL)

    I had one episode with Emma and I went back to a strict schedule and looking for cues. And I can't believe that I am going to admit this, but I left her sit wet for a few minutes so she got down that the feeling was not pleasant. Cleared that up in a week.

    I will now openly admit that I tried not to ask about yours too much because I know I would have died leaving mine for so long. I'm such a softie for my kids. And I am completely envious of your mother! Not only does she know what you like, she also cooks it for you?! AMAZING!!

  4. I wouldn't put nappies back on - it almost supports the regression - rather just keep changing!

    It will pass :)

  5. I know it's not on the same scale...but we also have the occasional bad day for accidents round here. Especially if she's upset about something or not feeling well. Just hang in there and get the routine up and running again, it'll pass before you know it.

  6. Nope, do not go back to nappies at all. As soon as they feel assured that you are with them, it will sort itself out, i have kearned that even minor thngs can cause a small regression so really do not take it so hard.

    I think you guys are fantsatic for doing it,

  7. Fabulous pictures!!!


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