Monday, August 13, 2012

Last day of kids care pics

look at Mr Sulky
and so not interested
and now he wants the camera
this one courtesy of nanny S

I was checking through my pics and realised I didn't ever post these.

Since I got first day of pre-school pics, I had to get last day pics too.

BUT it was such a drama. I'm posting just to show you life isn't picture perfect - for every one pic we get that's good, there's screaming, begging,pleading going on, and that's just from me.


Speaking of "drama", on Sunday morning there was crying about something (who knows what?!) and Connor storms into our bedroom to tell me what it was all about.

I said, "there's really no need for all that drama" and he goes, "what's drama?"

How do you explain???

I think I said something like "when you make a big fuss about something small".


I was back at work today and I think I got all those emails down to a manageable number but tomorrow I need to start working proper. My list is so long it's ridiculous.

Worst of all, my boss is on holiday but still working - I just opened the iPad to check something and I saw 5 new emails from her.


About the random acts of kindness, I personally failed in the mission to get 38 acts but of course for all those who were touched, it's a great thing. I also did a couple myself but I'm not really sure what it takes to get a good linky going.

Three of us are going to start reading the 5 love languages of children on THURSDAY. After Motherstyles/ MBTI, this is my favourite topic :)

So, how was your Monday?

PS I spent the evening watching hours and hours of Survivor (felt so decadent) after cooking 4 meals. I think I'm baaaack.


  1. Sometimes it's just tough to explain things! Within the past week, our girls have been all interested in the definitions of "government" and "taxes". I'm doing my best, but those are big concepts, for sure.

    And don't you wish your boss would just go on vacation, plain and simple? Stop sending emails!!! At least that's how I felt sometimes, once upon a time. ;)

  2. Love these pictures! Your children are adorable!

    Haha! How DO you explain "drama"!?!

  3. Oh I love Survivor too - group dynamics always fascinated me - stupid people not so I do get irritated.

    So glad you feel better and are back with a bang. My workload at the moment is just crazy. And I am sorry I did nto officially post a post for your random acts but with me it's time - I have so many posts in my head and so little time that I have to jump and just do some if I get a chance. The last two before yesterday was done from my ipad nogals! Getting good at that.

  4. Monday was rough! Still nothing allowed to be announced at work about my new job although I start on Monday, drama from my managers about stuff that happened while I was away last week at school, Tommy was tired when I got home from work as he doesn't want to nap so he was very cranky and Liam did nap, so he acted not tired and kept getting out of bed until 11PM. Last but not least it continued when I checked on them at 1:30AM for some reason and realized Tommy had poo in his underwear because he should have gone before bed, but he was so cranky I couldn't get him to try. Today has to be better, right?

  5. Your boss sounds exactly like mine. I wish that some bosses could get a life already! I do love this set of pics. I allowed Joshua to go to bed late to finish watching Survivor. He is a HUGE fan. Lance too! Couldn't tell him on his birthday that he had to go to bed early now. Personally, I am bored of it. Feels like if you've seen one then you've seen all. I followed the season before this one - I think Parvati was the winner. LOVED her.

  6. Gorgeous photos Marcia!

    My Monday was okay all things considered. The training was fantastic but the car issues not so much. And I got a sort of job offer from the trainer - mwahaha! That really had me buzzing I tell you. I actually would get such a kick out of doing that kind of thing.

  7. They are growing into such stunning children. Be proud Mommy.

  8. I like the Mr. Sulky pictures. Shows C in character. Lovely pictures as always.

    Monday was just another day of the week, huge adjustment returning to work but taking it one day at a time

    I think my boss sends more emails when he is away from the office :(

    As much as I like reality shows I've never been able to bring myself to like Survivor, maybe i just don't get it


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