Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NYC wedding photographer - Heather and Tom's engagement session

I'm obviously kidding!

But I read far too many photo blogs and this is how they do their subject lines.

Nevertheless, arent't these pics fun? They colour-coordinated and the city in the background just gives it such energy, right?

Well, just by coincidence, it's actually Tom's birthday today.

Happy birthday, Tom. Have a wonderful day!

colour co-ordinated :)

"Taxi!" this is one of my favourites!

I love smoochy pics!

So which pic is your favourite? 

Are you still enjoying these USA photo posts? I have two more planned and then I should be done.


  1. I also like the "taxi" one. I'm still enjoying the posts, keep 'em coming. ;-)

  2. I would take a bet you will know that I will love the taxi one too! Love your heading - absolutely classic. Totally smiling at it.

  3. Ooooo, when I see NYC in the subject line, I know that there is some NYC photos included and I LOVE them :) Keep them coming - if you have more?
    I like the one of the taxi too - so interesting because we don't experience this here in SA.

  4. Ooh...wish I'd thought to ask you to take some pics of J and me!!! We have hardly any. :(

    I love the one under the smoochy pic, because it looks so natural. And I love the one hailing the cab, just because it's so "NYC". :)

  5. I love them all but yes the taxi one is definitely my favorite!!!

  6. She's beautiful. I love all of them.


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