Saturday, August 11, 2012

So I had a little birthday lunch today

4 sets of people

and 2 of their cars get broken into right in front of my house.

Seriously, this kind of thing doesn't happen where I live. We've been here nearly 7 years and nothing...

So I'm understandably devastated for them.

I feel SO guilty.

And it's not just a smash and people's things stolen from the car (bad enough) but they tried to steal both cars so the ignitions are messed up.

Both cars had to be towed away! Towed!

Of course because of all this drama, I didn't really spend good time with anyone after that except for talking about this business and crime, etc.


I've said sorry to both the people a million times but I don't feel like it's enough.

There's no happy conclusion to this post. It just sucks big-time.


  1. So sorry we could not make it and really, you can not blame yourself my friend. These things happen- at the shops, in front of the school and yes, in front of our friend's houses. We all know that we run that risk.

    Lots of love - hope you sleep well and feel better

  2. I'm so sorry, Marcia...I can only begin to imagine how unsettling that must be. I hope you can work to clear your mind and get some rest. Hugs to you...

  3. Oh Marcia...I'm just sorry that it ruined your lunch!

    Please stop feeling guilty about it. It's NOT your fault. This is SA and it could have happened anywhere. My car has been broken into at least 15 times, and most of that right in front of my parents house (behind a gate!).

  4. Hey Marcia, so sorry the day didn't go as planned. I'm sure the guests understand. It's not your fault in anyway.

    Have a lovely week ahead

  5. Ah my friend. I'm so sorry. A friend of mine experienced something similar when she invited people over and she told me that she was mortified even though she knew that it wasn't her fault. My friend stays in a larney area with lots of security but yet, it wasn't enough. Criminals will find a way. It's perfectly natural for you to feel bad but really, it's not your fault. These things happen and they could have happened anywhere. ((hugs))xx

  6. Seems cars are on the brain everywhere! So sorry didn't enjoy your luncheon.

  7. Yikes. You are right, that sucks. But you can't blame yourself. No wonder you were so surprised that we leave our shoes, etc outside our door here in NYC!

  8. It's understandable that you feel that you need to tell them sorry and that you feel so bad about it. I would have also felt like that if that happened to my guests.
    Do you have photos of the birthday lunch?

  9. Oh no, how AWFUL for all of you!

  10. Oi! I understand how you feel - I get so tense when people visit us and I try not invite more than can actually fit into the complex parking!!!

    Logically you know it isnt your fault though :))


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