Saturday, August 25, 2012

The best R24,50 I ever spent

The last time we were at Westpack I saw a pack of these sticks and blocks, thought they looked interesting and threw a pack in my trolley (cart).

That Sunday afternoon Kendra woke before Connor as she normally does and came to be with me in the study.

We generally do quiet things so as not to wake the boys so I took out these things and gave her some to play with. On a tray, of course.

She's only playing with about a third of the pack here and it kept her busy for a good 30 - 40 minutes.

It's not been a once-off - she's told me that these are some of her favourite things to play with. Connor also loves them but Kendra REALLY loves them.

even Thursday loved them

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Manic Mother

Do your kids play with things like this?


  1. Those look great! You know I love the wood. ;) They remind me of Tinker Toys. Did you have those when you were growing up? I loved those and Lincoln Logs. Can't wait to give a set to the girls in the next year or so.

  2. The girls have a tin of tinker toys I have yet to give then. But they love to build things with their wooden blocks and duplo blocks. I'm all for manipulatives over battery powered noise makers!!

  3. I think that Joel would love a set of those. Am going to see if I can find it for him. Loved this set of pics.

  4. My kids LOVE toys like that. I've got 5 or 6 sets of manipulative blocks - tinker toys, Legos (Duplo and Regular), Lincoln Logs, wooden trains, regular blocks, and lots more - the benefit of keeping toys through multiple children and having grandparents that love to visit garage sales, and lots of relatives that pass toys around.

    I get down a different box each week - and they play for hours upon hours. Even the 2 big ones!

  5. They looks lovely! Did you ever tell us where the teddys names come from?

  6. Kiara would enjoy something like that. I love it when you can find something that keeps them busy!


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