Sunday, August 19, 2012

...these are a few of my favourite things

Cat's been posting about her kids' favourite things.
I tried with my kids ... it was about 65% successful... but that's a post for another day :)
Some of my current favourite things:
1. Woolworths multigrain flakes with fat-free milk
2. Salticrax (supposedly for my low blood pressure) with sundried tomato and basil low fat cream cheese (Connor told me he prefers them plain)
3. Jeanette posted a pic on her FB with Woolworths' new mini doughnuts - chocolate and apricot. I had to go out and get some! Well, the verdict is in: I still prefer the original doughnuts so I'll have to take a bag of apricot doughnuts with me to work tomorrow :) Have you tried the new mini doughnuts? What do you think?
4. The warmer weather... and beautiful light. I'd forgotten just how much my photography depends on GOOD light. I chased the kids around the garden after lunch today while they were kicking balls and whatnot and OH MY GOODNESS, I got some fabulous pics of them.
5. I've convinced my partner in photo crime, Mandy, to do something with me. We're going to host a photo link-up for the 5 Saturdays in Sept. There'll be a theme each week which is wide open to interpretation. I'll do a proper post soon but get ready with any and all cameras and let's have some fun - it's SPRING after all :) I am super-excited.
6. Getting stuff done - I printed the party pics and put them in a little mini album. I also got my year in review book up to date with the pics from the last couple of months. Concord pics are also printed. I've selected Charlotte and am about 10% through choosing NYC pics. I LOVE crossing things off my to-do list.
7. Acts of kindness - I got 4 things ready this afternoon and I can't wait for the people to get them.
8. Reading - I spent FOUR glorious hours reading last night before tearing myself away at 1:40 to go sleep. Yes. It was good. Another Dorothy Koomson (The woman he loved before). By the way, we're reading the Love Languages for Kids. I'm two chapters in and it's goooooood. Sadly, there are only 2 Dorothy Koomson books that I haven't read. One is on my Kindle already and one is going to be released on 30 Aug. It may be a good time to put a little dent in my 38 things list - I have about 5 reading goals on there.
9. Thornton's original toffee - oh my word. I'm addicted. I could happily eat the whole bag by myself (yesterday I did except for two pieces - D and the babies shared a small piece) - it is SOOO good.
10. Sweet babies. When they're good, they're sooooo good. You had to hear Connor in the car coming home from church this morning. So polite and well-mannered. I was utterly charmed. (of course, when they're naughty, I want to tear my hair out) 

What are some of YOUR favourite things at the moment?

PS I had to stop myself from writing down a whole lot of stationery items because stationery is really SOOOOO easy to be on any favourites list.


  1. Well you know I am your partner in crime with stationary! And I love that you did this - think I need to do one for myself too. Have not tried the new doighnuts but love the originals. It's the kids' favorite too.

  2. Mmmm... toffee!

    Can't wait to see what your kid things are!

  3. My favourite thing at the moment is the warmer weather. That kind of overshadows everything else. Also, must say I love love love the new Pinterst app, makes it so easy to use from my phone! My new GPS is the business too, much better touch screen and maps and easier to read even when there's a glare.

  4. My favorite things right now are Caramel Vanilla coffee creamer and cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter. Marshall and I will eat anything with peanut butter - toast, crackers, bananas, popcorn, chocolate...yum! I love any and all stationary, too :)

  5. We are having slightly cooler mornings here--almost unheard of in August--so the break from the overwhelming heat is on my favorites list! The fall decorations are starting to make an appearance in stores, and I LOVE fall, so I'm a happy girl. We are about two weeks away from the start of football season, and though I prefer baseball, I love the excitement in the air. I can't wait to take the girls to a few high school games..they had such a great time last year.

    I'm excited to see the photo linkup...I will do my best to participate!

  6. I can't wait for summer. This is a wonderful idea for a blog post...might just copy you here.

  7. Can't wait for your photography challenge! (And on a related note, will you send me a link to SP? I would love to do that course that you and Mandy did.)

    You were very disciplined not to add stationery to your list. ;)

    And I'm impressed how on top of photos you are! I STILL haven't gotten June done. This weekend just evaporated...we had a moms' night out on Saturday, and then a full afternoon of events on Sunday -- the girls were AN HOUR late to bed...unheard of!!! After all that, I wasn't far behind them! It's driving me crazy, though! I'm caught up on craft stuff, so I hope I can devote time to pictures this week.

  8. Love this list Marcia!!
    I'm going have to go hunting for toffee again :) one of my favourite sweets

  9. Kindle. Going to bed super early. Salticrax and creamed cheese.


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