Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates - pre-school and other more frivolous things

So, pre-schools

Looks like we've narrowed the search down to two.

It's interesting how you don't sometimes know things are a priority for you til you start looking. Like diversity. D and I want a school that does not just have one racial group, whatever that may be.

Both these schools have a fair representation of all, which we love.

School 1 is 1 km from our house (3 mns in the car and 12 mins walk). This school is super organised, they have a beautiful playground, is very clean and well-maintained (she should hire herself out to project manage house stuff at my place!) and they cater for 85 kids.

This school is into a well-rounded, happy kid, etc.

The only "con" is those 85 kids but I must say they have small classes of about 10 kids and all the teachers looked in total control when I visited. The kids were all happy, well-mannered and friendly, and busy crafting. I happened to arrive during Arts and Crafts time and of course, wanted to join in.

School 2 is 2,8 km from our house (6 minutes in the car and not suitable to walk - highways and such). I LOVE this principal - she's young, vibey, great attention to detail and so friendly. We could totally be friends :)

D went there on Friday morning, I pitched at about 12. When we arrived, she looked at the kids and said, "are they twins?" When I said yes, she said, "was that your husband that came this morning?" I like people that join the dots and are on the ball. I saw this kind of thing throughout our visit.

My kids were all over the place - inquisitive, talking to everyone and asking them questions and she rolled with the punches beautifully while all the crazy was going on, and still managed to give me the tour.

This school was more academic than the other or it felt that way. They took great pains to show me how they do their themes and curricula and whatnot. They also do AWESOME arts and crafts - i"m 100% sure most of those kids do better stuff than I do. They'd probably do a nicer cherry blossom canvas than I did.

D liked that this one was in a more secure environment (it's in a boomed-off area) but is still easy to access from our house. Also their half day ends at 2:30 because they let their kids nap until then anyway. If your kid doesn't nap you can get them earlier.

The nitty-gritty

  1. I would be happy with either school. 
  2. We haven't been accepted into either school. However, I'm totally zen about this - honestly. I'm very much of the mindset "whatever will be will be". I do realise it's because deep down I actually STILL think they're babies and we shouldn't even be having these discussions.  :)
  3. School 1 works out to be R150 more expensive in total than School 2 (in total, not per kid). Which is a non-issue. I waste that kind of money (less than $20) in about 20 minutes at Clicks.
  4. Nanny S can walk to fetch the kids from School 1 but not from School 2.
  5. Therefore, school 2 will work out to be more expensive once I add in transport. I still haven't investigated those costs. Anyone have any idea?
Which school are you leaning towards for us?


In other news, let me tell you about my search for the happy, yellow, summer bag.

The one on my 38 things list.

I've been looking and looking everywhere and the only one that came remotely close was a genuine leather tote at Woolies for... wait for this... R1000. I do have two bags that cost that much but they are colours that are a bit more versatile for my wardrobe (red and the gorgeous pink bag, the one I bought for my birthday present last year).

I also searched Amazon and found this lovely bag. After happily clicking I reached the checkout and GASPED. They wanted to charge me R2200 for the bag plus shipping.

So I clicked the window to close.

And then the next day I went to Woolies where I spied the most gorgeous aqua/ teal bag.

It was heavenly so I snapped it up together with a matching wallet. And new sandals (the black ones with the flowers) that Kendra LOVES.

(Thank goodness I'm usually fairly sensible with my money)

I was about to blog yesterday and tell you about how I'm changing my goal to a bag that makes me happy (not necessarily yellow) because really, this teal bag I have makes me VERY happy. Everyone oohed and aaahed in the office.

And then I had a brainwave.

So I detoured via Bag Town on my way home.

I asked them to show me all their yellow bags and they had TONS. Really, about 8 - 10 different styles.

Some were too mustardy, most were too small but finally, FINALLY, I found three I liked.

I narrrowed my choices to 2 and just bought them both. The one is bright, happy yellow and the other has more green in it.

I love them both.

I'll take some pics on the weekend and show you but that's 1 thing off my list done!

Do you buy yourself birthday presents?

Are you a person who sticks with the same bag til it falls apart, or do you change bags to match your mood and/ or outfits?


  1. (Did you post late today? I realized I hadn't heard from you, and hard-keyed your blog address to check on you. Not that I'm counting or anything...HA!)

    I think it's fantastic that you like both schools so much, and are at peace with the process. My gut is the first school, since it's within walking distance to your house. How fantastic for K&C to be able to walk home from school and process their day before they get home. Based on what you said, I wouldn't worry about the number of kids there, as long as the classrooms are small and well-managed. To me, that's what counts.

    Hurray for you on the bags! I love purses, but I have to admit that I'm rotten about switching them out. It's totally an organization thing for me...the purses I'm not using live upstairs, in my bedroom closet, whereas I keep my in-use purse downstairs. It's too complicated for me to do the running to switch bags very often. And all that was before kiddos, too! These days, the purse I carry (I alternate between 3 or 4) is basically determined by how much "baby stuff" I need to carry. ;)

  2. Oh heavens, I love bags! But my taste is a big excentric, so I love patterned bags. And I do buy myself Bday presents.

    As to shte shools- ask for admission to both just for in case. Do not under estimate the time and effort and stress it will have on you to fetch them every day, so I would go for no 1

  3. I hate a bag! LOL D always moans at me cos if I dont have to I wont take one. I use Jacks nappy bag and throw my purse in there. I have about 4 that I do alternate with depending which one is closest. But I am not one of those people who has stuff in her bag - I will have my phone, purse, diary and if I am lucky a pen!

  4. I just read Cats comment and have to agree that you DO NOT want to have to worry about getting to school or checking if they are home etc. It is an additional stress you DO NOT want!

  5. ...and then you don't even show us the bags;-)

    I am totally out of the loop where preschools are concerned...so no advice here.

  6. I change out purses about as often as some people change clothes- I love switching them out!

  7. I like School 1. Excellent organisation and structure within the school environment = everything to me.And I think that you should arrange transport for both of them because even though Sibonile can go and fetch them, you are going to have a problem in the winter months.

  8. Lesley10:44 am

    I liked the second school, that is because i likes the sound of the Principal - i think if the Principal is good they keep a tight ship. But travel is an important aspect to think about.

  9. I'd prefer the school you can walk to, if that's the plan you have...quickly zipping out to collect kids and drop them at home every day before heading back to work wouldn't work for me as a long term solution.

    I would go without a bag if I could. I hardly ever carry one. For the past few years I just tossed my purse in Nicola's bag or nappy bag and that was that - but I do have a black one that I carry occasionally. (I have at least 4 others too which were all gifts, sometimes I'll wear then too but once a year or less).

    I find that the more space I have the more crap I drag along with me.

  10. I am also stuggeling with schools. I can keep Little OL in the same school she is in now for another year but then I am confused. The school I would really like her to attend is already fully booked for 2014! Sucks

  11. Haha you are too funny!! LOVE the bright bags, and glad you finally found a yellow one.


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