Thursday, August 16, 2012

{USA 2012} Visiting Puffer and the baby fishies

D and I took subways, walked a lot, took pics a lot and eventually arrived at Casa Pufferfish.

I took lots more interesting (to me) pics but won't bore you with all of those - school buses and such :)

The pics of her little fish are some of my favourite kids' pics ever.  Ones that I took, that is :)

I couldn't seem to stop taking pics of random street corners!

are all boys hardwired to build? these two were really good.

looking at the moon

one of my absolute favourites!

Which pic is your favourite?


  1. Oh your pictures are beautiful. DO you realize how much you have improved? You are really really good! And my favorite is yours I suspect( the feet and bulldozer one)

  2. I love the street pic with the canopy of the bar! I love the pic of Puffer holding up her son - the one where you just see her hands! And I love the very last with the sun shining through the hair.

    Among many other things, I think it's so cool you got to experience that little slice of city life. :)

  3. The next to last is my favorite, hands down! That's the kind of picture I would gladly pay for. I agree with Cat, your photography is improving all the time!

  4. I love all your pics...but that one of the boy with his toy is my firm favourite.

  5. Her kids are adorable! You really captured some great shots :)


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