Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend accountability

Connor - I bought the two of them the same takkies (sneakers) like mine. And he keeps telling us these striped socks are his favourites.
So MandyE and I do this every weekend and I thought I'd put it out here so you can join in, or not, as you feel led.

My goals for the weekend

  1. Sort through clothes in wardrobe so there's white space again
  2. Declutter shoes
  3. Sort through August pics
  4. Find a pic of the babies - together and separate - and email MIL
  5. Tidy desk in bedroom
  6. Clear stuff from guest bed (bits and bobs, and birthday presents! I realise my birthday was 20 days ago)
  7. Phone Caren
  8. Go through pile of paper behind me ... I've been avoiding it since I got back from the USA 
  9. Post about the Sept photo fun
(those two are done because the babies and I had an AWESOME time of normalness yesterday - it was JUST like I imagined being a mother to be)

Do you want to share what's on your list for this weekend?


  1. Love that picture! The socks are so precious!!!

    My to-do this weekend is to FINALLY order my March - June pics. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I have everything edited and labeled...just need to decide quantities and press enter. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

    I want to get the girls' fall clothes washed and put away (currently in process).

    And I need to reacquaint myself with the pictures from my BFF's baby showers and make a plan to finish her scrapbook THIS WEEK. That will be a HUGE task...but I want it done, as I'm seeing her this coming weekend. Woo hoo!!!

    Thanks, as always, for the virtual nudge, and accompanying shoulder! ;)

  2. I love this idea!
    I have been in a huge push to organize and get back on track with my daily and weekly routines. I became so lazy this summer, but everthing starts up again the first week of semptember and the only way I will survive is if we are organized again. I haven't managed to do everything, but I have made a lot of progress. Hopefully this comming week will be extreamly productive.

  3. That is such a cute photo...the little things that really matter. I never have to-do lists for weekends. I have enough of them during the week.

  4. Love the tackies!!!

  5. Oh that picture is stunning! You know what, short time like weekend, I can do! I actually got so much done this weekend. So I will join next one.


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