Monday, August 20, 2012

Work stuff on a Monday

but first, I have to show you these pics.

1. For the science nerds (I'm one too), I must confess I took these two pics because they reminded me of electron configurations.

When I was at school, our textbook said that electrons position themselves like passengers on a bus. People will sit on their own seat until there are no more empty seats and then they'll start sitting two on the same seat.

In our basement at work, we seem to all like the middle parking bay. Look how we all go look for the middle parking bay. It's too funny.

mine is the car with the open boot (trunk)

2. Other than that, I'm in week 2 of my boss's 3-week leave and I'm getting used to the slower pace. It is LOVELY for a change. I'm scheduling lunch dates with everyone I've neglected over the last 2 - 3 months(anyone want to come have lunch with me?). Today I had lunch with my friend, Nat. It was great but always too short (and we stretched it to 1.5 hours).
3. I do need to buck up and get through my 4-page to-do list. But it's proving difficult because it's one thing off, two things on... and I'm looking at pre-schools... I've taken a day's leave on Friday because nanny S is going to Zim for a wedding and I've decided to "make the most of it". The babies and I are going to Visit Pre-Schools and then we're going to lunch because they had a really good week last week (28 and 30 stars out of 35 on their charts - usually we battle to get to 20....)
4. The lady (who says I'm too loud) in my office is freaking out because they're moving us around temporarily, and then permanently in about 6 - 8 weeks. If you thought you don't deal well with change, I promise you you are AWESOME at change compared to her :) It's actually funny to watch and I feel positively laidback next to her. Teehee.
5. So my goals for the week 
  • get my coaching homework done and sent to the coach
  • narrow down the pre-schools from 5 to about 2 - 3 and go see those 2 - 3
  • Get through most of my to-do list
What do you want to get done this week?
How good are you with change?


  1. I am nit good with any change at all - that being said, I often delight and love it after the change has happened so I try tombe braver about change.

    Good luck with the pre- schools - go for your gut feeling. We initially made a logical choice with the Princess only to on a flash go for a gut feel decision and change it to where we sent her - a perfect decision. Sometimes you just feel it in you. Go for warmth and love. It's all they need at 3 or 4

  2. I think that the ones that take the middle parking bay is scared of scratching their cars on the pillars;-)

    I am not to bad at change...but for now my goal is to get through the week with my sanity in tact.

  3. Oh wow! That is a a good week for them with all those starts allocated to them. You must be proud :)
    I must confess, I too like the middle bay in any parking area for that matter :)

  4. Hahaha! Our bays are allocated so we have non of that electron-ing going on here. If you find someone in your middle bay you have their wheels clamped. I have a pillar bay, but the guy opposite me in the middle has illusions of grandeur. he thinks his car is a lot bigger than it actually is, so he's almost always parking with his butt hanging out into the isle. Very annoying, grrr!

    I had a lot that I wanted to get done this week, but most of that will probably not get done at the current pace of doing. I'm okay with that. I'm okay with change, in fact sometimes I even love it. If it's change someone's inflicting on me instead of change I'm making myself, I prefer it with a day or two's advance warning though. I don't startle well, my fight or flight is always on fight. ;-)

  5. Hope you're enjoying those lunches, Marcia! I treated myself to lunch yesterday (ALONE!), and it was BLISS!!!

    I'm chuckling at the poor lady who doesn't like change. "Bless her heart," as we'd say in the south. ;)

    And keep plugging forward on the preschools. I *know* that's a big task.

  6. Poor old lady. I jump into change. I deal with the fallout afterwards. This is both good and bad.

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