Sunday, September 09, 2012

A few things

Well, while I'm tired of taking meds and feeling drowsy, the three days off work were awesome.

1. I organised the heck out of my study, decluttered about a box full of stuff and things feel more breezy (every nook and cranny is not stuffed to the gills). I'm not done yet but I couldn't face the last little bits. 80% done is good enough :)

2. I also did budgets last night and I'm actually excited because all my finances are 100% in order. Better still, I chucked PILES of receipts away.

3. This friend date was postponed so we had some unexpected time to spend together as a family. We went to a new shopping mall (Norwood Mall for the South Africans) and had a lovely time spending lots of money. I also got to sort out my new iPhone.

4. Yes, I got myself an iPhone. So far so good but I haven't phoned anyone yet and the phone is saying I only have 40 minutes left (of a 50 minutes package)... And I sent 3 texts and it's saying I have 38 left, again of a 50 text package. So I need to phone their call centre to check on that (I'm not prepared to have humongous bills) and keep my eye on this little thing. BUT please still get me on my old number because the guy at the shop said I can't port my number which is precisely why I decided to go for it. Oy. This technology stuff is exhausting. Why can't I have a PA to sort out my gadgets?!

5. Then, the children. When the memory of this weekend is a little less fresh, I need to write about these things. I hope this new-fangled rebellion and outright naughtiness is just a phase and not 3-year-old ness otherwise I'm not going to be a happy camper.

6. This deserves bold... we've registered the kids with School 1. Again, more to write on that... but that's two things off my 38 list. (I bought the frivolous yellow handbag too)

What's on your mind this Sunday evening?


  1. I hope that you all are feeling better today. Glad you got to enjoy your time at home and that Saturday was spent together as a family - sorry again for Saturday :(

  2. WOO HOO for making the preschool decision!!! I know what a weight it is to carry...I am glad you can finally breathe a little easier and move forward with a specific next step in mind.

    YEA for organization! And I love your slippers! ;) Hope you're back to 100%!

  3. Oh yeah - now you will feel more secire in the decision od the school. Hope you feel way better today

  4. I would like to thank you for sending this lovely flu via email. It has had me in bed all weekend!

  5. Yay for picking a school!
    If the rebellion thing is not a three year old thing then it must be something in the air cause mine has it in spades too!

  6. Hope you are feeling better? YAY on pre-school. Now to start preparing the little ones for their new routine.

    Your bag "addiction" is like my shoe one (LOL)

    You know what was on my mind on Sunday night (double LOL) ;)

  7. Yay for School 1! I think that was my favourite one too! Download Whatsapp on your iphone so you can save money on texts. Gosh, you are soooo lucky to be able to say that your finances are 100% in order. I still have a looooong way to go.


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