Sunday, September 30, 2012

And that's the weekend... and September!

I love this meta photo taking business :)

Me, Cat, Louisa
 1. Is it me or is the blogosphere quiet? Not that I mind because I got two hours of blogging done and my menu plan is ready for the week.

2. If you're the slightest bit interested in organising, I'll be posting 31 days ... of easy organising solutions for the month of October on this blog. Tonight I wrote 7 posts in 112 minutes. Average 16 minutes per post. Actually slightly off because I also made a button in that time.

I don't know why I'm surprised but I'm always very productive when I've planned beforehand and I just sit down to write.

3. Anyway, the kids didn't nap yesterday or today and, as a result, had very early bedtimes (asleep shortly after 7 - bliss). I also just want to add that they both only got a star ONE day this week for sleeping nicely. We count it as no jumping around and out of bed at all once they're supposed to be sleeping. Unfortunately today I also lost out because I'd promised them they could bake pumpkin muffins with me IF they slept. So no pumpkin muffins and I have a fabulous recipe that I've actually done.

4. I finished my book which makes it 6 books for September and 999 on Goodreads. I almost feel like I need to choose really carefully for the next book to make number 1000 a good one. But actually I'm in the mood for an Irish chick-lit (have just bought another Sinead Moriarty - Amazon one-click is a beautiful thing) :)

5. We went to a lovely, lovely party yesterday. Beautiful attention to detail but oh so relaxed. We didn't want to go home :) I played photographer which means I got almost nothing of my own kids but some lovely pics of lots of other children.

So that's September. I'll post about my goals tomorrow BUT this time last year it was the great Gallbladder Drama. I'll feel okay again once we pass 11 October.

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was lovely! Didn't have time to plan anything though. I think that the blogosphere is generally quiet over the weekends? Can't wait to see those party pics.

  2. Lesley11:44 pm

    The new Marion Keyes book is out 'The Shovel List', are you a fan of hers? I must,must read it soon. If you have read her other books you will remember she sometimes writes about one family with about 4 girls. Well i think this book is about one of them, the mad one called Helen. Hoping it will be funny :) If you've read it already was it any good? x

  3. Lesley11:52 pm

    Just went to Amazon to check that info and the book is not called 'The Shovel list' as i read in a magazine recently (?) but is called 'The Mystery of Mercy Close', but it is about Helen : )
    And is Marian instead of Marion (oopps)

  4. It really was a lovely party! I agree with you, the blogosphere is a bit quiet...but I think people in general seem a bit subdued at the moment, bloggers or not - could it be THAT time of the year?

  5. What a lovely weekend you had. Yes, the blogosphere is very quiet. Angel from Angelsmind once told me that blogging is becoming a thing which is dying. In her opinion, people rather do status updates these days on either Facebook or Twitter and also post photos there of their happenings. Also why there is so little people commenting these days on blogs, is that most people read everything from their phones and it's either difficult to post a comment or blogs don't allow phone reading or commenting via a phone. I agree with her. Most people would rather do numerous status updates of what's going on in their lives and post photos of it throughout the day than blog or read blogs.

  6. That does sound so lovely! Well done to sticking to the no muffins - really I clearly am not "strict" enough :-/

    The blogsphere is quiet this time of year - people are busy with end of year madness and stuff!

  7. Thanks so much for the photos and the complement! We also enjoyed it! Lovely to have you guys there and thanks for all the photos. Have not even had the chance to save them all.


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