Monday, September 03, 2012

Anti-wrinkle cream needed desperately

A big thank you to those of you who have been to pledge Santa Shoeboxes from my blog. MelB, Louisa and Cat, I am BEYOND thrilled!!!

And Lesley, thank you for ALL your lovely comments - I can't find an email address for you to mail you properly.

I know I'm late with the Sept goals but I feel late with everything so therefore nothing is really late, if you know what I mean...


Oh well.


I went to a 4.5 hour meeting today and it was a lovely intro back to work after being in bed for most of two days. Nice people, interesting ideas and about 5 minutes from my house :)

I'm still coughing horribly and my voice is terrible so I've put off all the phone calls I'm supposed to make til I sound better.

But honestly, I sound much worse than I feel.

not-so-willing participant
someone doesn't want kisses!


So if I'm around the kids when the light is good in the afternoons, I like to let them run around the back garden and I chase them to get them laughing, and then I go grab my camera and hopefully get some nice pics.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Two Fridays ago when I took the day off to look after the kids, the weather was GLORIOUS.

So we went to play and take pics outside.

I then grabbed the kids (Kendra is my most willing participant) and we did some self-portraits. Friends, when I looked at them a couple of days later, I noticed it - wrinkles.

Under my eyes.

I'm not very vain but I really didn't notice these creeping up on me.

At first I was aghast and then I talked to myself and realised I'm ALIVE! I'm HEALTHY! What do I care about some laugh lines?

But I still want to slow down those wrinkles.

I happened to have a jar of some fancy expensive cream (received at a workshop I attended last year - I certainly don't pay more than R80/ $10 for moisturiser) which I applied that one night.

The next day I went back to my usual bad skin habits.

When some bloggers do make-up posts with all these lotions and potions, I think HA, if you only knew what I do.

I use facial wash, moisturiser (with sunscreen), and my foundation (usually a mousse - Rimmel). However, I forgot my foundation in Jhb when I went to the USA and I found the MOST divine thing at a CVS called Wet 'n Wild Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation + Primer, shade 176. $5,99 (R50).

Well, I love it.

I used it there and since I've been back, I've only used my foundation mousse twice.

In about 32 days.

So don't be surprised if I ask for volunteers to send me some of this stuff soon. It's FABULOUS. Just my style - simple and easy to use.

If only it could take away wrinkles, I'd be in heaven. :)

So what do you use in the way of foundation/ anti-wrinkle cream? Do you use any W&W products?

PS I also bought real foundation (used about twice - nothing comes close to this intuitive blend stuff) and about 6 bottles of nail polish!

Coming up later this week
  • A post on goals
  • A post on manners
  • A five love languages post
  • My top ____ (depends how many I think about at the time I write) things about my USA trip
  • Sat Snapshots - this week is texture and patterns
  • Friendship Friday

PPS This is the one D liked the most - I believe he said it was "interesting".



  1. I also like the one D likes.
    I am a great believer in Annique's products - they are 100%South African, use rooibos tea and other herbal stuff, are hypo allergic (my biggest problem) and affordable. I have written about their 3 in one which is stunning (moisturizer, sun block and light foundation) - you will love it. I also use their eye wrinkle cream and several other products.

  2. Your daughter is thinking deep thoughts in the photo that D likes - I like that about the photo :)
    I belief in Justine's products. I use their Vit E oil in Aquescream. Which I use on my face and body. It works good for me.

  3. I dont use any products! Which is bad I know but I have had such horrible reactions from creams that now I just wash and use whatever lotion I have on hand!

    I like the second picture!

  4. Love the pics! I used to be a skin product snob (Clinique) but have recently discovered Environ and it is amazing. It doesn't leave your skin all gunky and it works! And it is also not too pricey.

    As for foundation - Rimmel is my best!

    Oh and re Santa Shoebox - I have pledged 10 boxes for our school to contribute - 1 box per kid. So exciting!

  5. I hardly ever wear make-up, including foundation. I do have some cheap stuff lying around somewhere for the odd occasion when I want to wear battle paint, but way back when before I had to stretch my salary over two people's wants and needs I used to love love love Lancome Photogenic foundation (seriously the bee's knees, and you pay for what you get! The last time I bought some, which is probably a good 10 years ago it was R600 for a smallish tube) and I used this skin care range...dammit I forget now what it was called, started with a B anyway. It was crazy expensive but I really did glow (R1200 for a tiny tub of moisturiser, about 5 years ago!).

    After Nicola I went through a no product phase (no money either), and my skin was lucky if it got the occasional schmear of bum cream in passing, then I got some Issabella Garcia stuff, which was okay. I then used a Johnson and Johnson thingy for a month or two, and I just treated myself to some Innoxa goodies this past weekend.

    When I can, I use something proper - when I can't I focus on the other things I really need. No biggy. *shrug*

    And Marcia...I've seen 20 year olds with more wrinkles than you under their eyes by the way. I wouldn't lose sleep over it my friend. ;-)

  6. Katherine10:55 am

    Being married to a plastic surgeon doesn't actually help much although his adviceto everyone is always as follows: always a sunscreen and never more than factor 15 as anything higher is harmful/does more damage to your skin (on your face) and you are basically wasting your money buying very high factor sunscreens as they would have rubbed off by the time they could've protected your skin 30 times longer (for SPF 30). If you really want to prevent wrinkles then Botox is by far the very best option. Just consider (depending where you live) it costs R800/area (around eyes for example) and you need to go about 2-3 times a year which is R2400 / months in a year is only R200. Not cheap but it's still going to do more for you than any facial, cream,etc. Other thing is to have a chemical peel for any pigment changes or fine lines about every year or so (more often initially to sort out a specific problem). They are not that expensive a light peel is about R300. Not a beauty salon fruit acid peel though, a TCA chemical peel.

  7. I don't use an anti-wrinkle cream (yet) but this has been on my mind too. I have seen people younger than us with WAY more wrinkles. Quite honestly, I would Botox if I could afford it.

  8. so glad you seem to be feeling better :) i LOVE the color on your nails in the pictures!

    i love wet and wild nailpolish. it's so affordable. especially for little fingers! i just wish they made a speed dry one or something! ha!

    i just caught up on all of your posts. i'll be better about commenting from now on, promise. (well...i also just officially started my pintrest account so HOPEFULLY i'll be better about comments!)


  9. Well.... I have never been brand loyalnuntil this year when I discovered Regimes night cream. It's frikkin amazing, it has vit A in it so u have to wash it off carefully in the morn but it gives u a super light peel every night u use it. That aside sunscreen and Botox are the answer. Both pretty pricey so we sommer wear donn the sunscreen and wear our wrinkles with pride ;))

  10. Lesley10:40 pm

    I like the picture D like the most as well. I have sensitive skin so have to be careful what i put on it. Louisa is totally right on the wrinkle front - you have no need to worry!
    I have subscribed so you will have an email for me :)

  11. A penny to know what was going on in K's mind in that last picture.

    C's expressions priceless!!! It says mom I've had enough of the pictures, not again ;)

  12. Call them twinkle wrinkles...because you smile often and make peace with it.
    I love the photo of the children taken from above...awesome.


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