Friday, September 14, 2012

Elton John and saying no to 3-year-olds

Don't forget - Saturday's theme is SOUND :)

I can't wait to see your pics!!!

Are you guys still excited about playing along?

PS these so-and-sos are TEASING me about bringing my camera to work. Why not? I said!


Yesterday we had our divisional awards function and I started feeling a bit weird (very hot, and apparently it was actually cold) and then had a headache. By the time I left, the headache was increasing steadily, so much so I couldn't even listen to my Elton John CD.

I must say, I love listening to Philadelphia Freedom even more knowing how much Heather likes it :)

One song I've started seriously enjoying (way too much, if I'm honest) is Honky Cat. I pretend I'm singing "live" in front of an audience when I'm in the car. Stop laughing!

Which are your favourite 3 Elton John songs?
(you'll be doing better than me - I can't even get down to top 5)

Anyway, the point is I slept 10.5 hours last night.

Yes! Hence no blogging :)

I'm being very careful today to drink a lot of water and also take a Panado the minute I feel a headache coming on.


Exhibit A - three-year-old behaviour

So what I really want to discuss with you is the latest 3-year-old trend in my house.

I say no to someone and they collapse in tears like someone just died. Complete with dramatics - snot, hands on face, complete drama.

I say no to another someone and they flip out. Like SOLID. Like loud crying, legs kicking, screaming, etc.

The complete dramatics don't phase me in the least - I can quite easily ignore it except when it's interrupting conversations D and I are having.

So I tell her to please go cry outside my bedroom and when she's done she can come talk to us nicely.

But the boy... is somewhat extroverted and therefore loud.

And that crazy behaviour pushes my buttons big time.

Kendra laughed at him last night and miraculously (because it could go either way - either anger him further or snap him out of it) he started laughing and all was well.

Normally I also leave him and tell him to come talk to me nicely BUT the latest is he will follow me and keep screaming and crying, "NO, I DON'T WANT TO!!! WAAAAAAHHHHH"

MandyE wrote a post yesterday which pushed this off my mental drafts into an actual blog post.

She wanted to know if we give in to the issue in question (especially if it's small) or if we stand firm.

I try and not make a big deal about things that are not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Like this morning no one wanted to eat breakfast "properly", but only have one slice of toast.

Okay, maybe that's a bad example because I never make an issue of food. I just won't ever give anything else. So I told them they could stop eating but if they get hungry, they have to then have their fruit first before getting anything else.

I stand absolutely firm on the big things (for me) like respect, good manners and safety (but my views on safety are very lax anyway - I'm farrrrr from a helicopter parent) but on the little things, I make them choose with consequences. "you want water? okay, but that means you will only get a tiny bit of milk otherwise you'll pee in the bed" but "you have to say sorry to Daddy first for speaking so ugly"

How do you handle the 3-year-old behaviour?

PS next up - I have to tell you about anger and the love languages. I've been doing things ALL wrong!!! 


  1. Oh, the trouble triple threesoms - tantrums galore :)
    Good luck :)
    I get it also from people, commenting on why I bring mine along to work. They're not blogging people, so that says it all ;)

  2. Can you believe that Elton John was in town on Wednesday and I DIDN'T GET TICKETS?! I kept thinking about it--and tried to win some on the radio--but with our vacation starting tomorrow, I couldn't justify it. I saw him in 2003...can't believe it's been almost ten years! My favorite Elton John song is Crocodile never fails to make me happy. After that, it's hard to narrow down.

    On the kids subject, I'd say I'm a lot like you describe yourself in this post. I let a lot of little things go, and that means the girls are beginning to realize that when I seriously say no, I really mean it. We aren't having too many tantrum issues, but M is really grumpy in the mornings, especially. Often, A and I will laugh at her to snap her out of it. It doesn't always work, but it sure makes me feel better than yelling does! : )

  3. People don't ask me about taking photos anymore ;-) in fact on one of those how well do you know me questionaires someone said years ago the one thing I would want with me if I was ever stranded on an island was a camera!

    I am having the same dramatics with my pink terrorist at the moment. In fact I took a mental health day yesterday because I just NEEDED some peace and quiet. We'll get through it eventually - all part of growing up. She is learning the meaning of NO and in the long run it will be good for her even if it's painful for both of us now. I just keep reminding myself that I wouldn't be doing her any favours raising her as a brat. No one wants to be near one, and what kind of life would that be for her?

  4. I got some good comments to the post I makes me think I need to look for ways to say 'yes' more often on the little things, and reserve my 'no's' for when it really matters. As I said, I have no problem on the big issues, but it just feels so silly (and frustrating) to see crying over some itty-bitty issue.

    We love Elton John...and the girls do, too! Their favorite is "Your Song"...they can sing along pretty proficiently! ;) And, on a music note, I had such a proud parenting moment yesterday...we were waiting in line at the copy store, and CCR's "Down on the Corner" was playing. My girlies were dancing and singing the words. The guy behind the counter couldn't quit laughing! ;)

  5. the top of my head, my fave EJ songs include: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Crocodile Rock, Your Song (even MORE since it's in my FAVE movie Moulin Rouge), Sorry seems to be the hardest word, Don't let the sun go down on me.
    Gosh, I have to say that I found 3 to be WAY worse than 2. Four was horrible too but a bit better in some ways. My favourite age of all time is 5. Hopefully Joel is not going to ruin that for me. So far so good.

  6. Oh 3 year old behaviour is not for th efaint hearted. I tend to pick my fights too but need to stand firm.

    Oh, I love Elton - Blue eyes (my absolute favorite), Your song and popssibly Nikita. I just can not stand Candle in the wind - I think the remake for DIana did it for me. Just too much


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