Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goals linky, a new recipe and a sassy boy

Today I'm linking up with my favourite doodle artist, Aimee from Artsyville.

Her moxie print that I bought last year to inspire me in the way of COURAGE is still very proudly displayed on my desk :)

She has a linky party for LISTS. Gosh, how could I not link up? Some of you may remember when this blog was called leighloveslists :)

1. This week's theme is goals you still want to get to in 2012.

Here is my list:

taken with the iphone
Then I want to share two things with you and then I'm getting on with that 2nd book :)

2. Kendra called D for something arbitrary (excuse to not go sleep) and he said, "no, Kendra, it's time to sleep".

So she starts WAILING as she does.

Connor says, "Kenna (i love how he says his sister's name), stop crying. I'm trying to sleep. That's irritating"


3. And then my latest quick recipe.

Cheesy Butternut Pasta

300 g butternut
half a packet of pasta (I like rigatoni or elbow macaroni)
2 blocks of Kiri cheese (cream cheese) (add more if you like it cheesy - I'm going for still healthy so that's all I add)
some milk
dab of butter or margerine
lots of pepper

Liberally sprinkle cinnamon on the butternut and microwave with a few mm of water for about 10 minutes (1000 W microwave oven).
When soft, mash.
In a pot, add dab of butter/ marg, Kiri, butternut and some milk. Mix all together until smooth and creamy.
Add pasta and mix gently so the pasta doesn't break. Add lots of pepper and some salt if you like (I don't like salt)
Tonight I also added in about 100g cooked chicken for some extra protein.

We LOVE this recipe. I love the sweetness of the butternut (and who doesn't like cinnamon?!) with the pepper - yum!

Try it this week and let me know if you like it too :)

Thanks, Aimee, for reminding me to move my butt with this. This time I only plan to make it available as a Kindle book.

Which goals do you still want to get to this year?

PS start collecting your pics for Sat's linky :)

we went here with Tom and Heather


  1. Hahaha @ Connor's comment! I like that a lot.

  2. Oh dear, Connor is really sassy, but that's so cute. I hope that got Kenna to keep quiet.

    I'll try this recipe without the butternut (my family people just don't like it) and I like to use pasta screws. Plus my sister claims cinnamon gives her a headache. Not sure how that's possible or why!

    Goals for the year:

    Loose at least 5kg (hmmmm I have this every year and some years I succeed, many I don't)

    Finally get a photo book done (I'm finding this tougher than I expected)

    Spring clean (clothes, bags and shoes - the shoe part would be tough)

    Ps: how do you get writing made into a font? Just curious

  3. Oh I am going to try the recipe.

    Oh I will do a list but need top ponder a bit on it.

  4. Hi Marcia,

    You are one busy mom aren't you? I love your list and the recipe sounds yummy!


  5. Great list Marcia! Thanks for linking up!

  6. I hear you on the lose weight thing- one of my list goals was to be down 10lbs. vs. up the traditional 7lbs. I seem to find over the holidays! Good luck! Love the story about your children also- too funny!

  7. Oh, that's hilarious...and a wee bit sad...what C said to K! I'm not sure it should make me laugh so much, but it does crack me up when one of our girls "corrects" the other. This is definitely another of the many perks of twins...seeing them relate to each other at the same level. :)

    I want to know how the handwriting-into-a-font goes. That sounds so cool!

  8. Your recipe sounds delicious...will try it. My goals are dead in the water...still on survival mode here:-)

  9. My kids do that too now to each other :) Often more to irratate each other but every now and then its as if to say "see mom I do listen"

    What do I want do I still want to do this year??? Um like a bazillion things!!

  10. Wonderful goals! I'm so glad to find your blog through Aimee's List it Tuesday...we are expecting our first child (a boy) after dealing with fertility issues and undergoing IVF. It's always nice to hear others' stories about the experience. Best wishes on attaining your 2012 goals!!

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