Thursday, September 20, 2012

I LIVE for the holidays :)

So yesterday I decided that I need to just embrace that I always want to be looking forward to something.... a holiday... and what is money if not to spend, right?


We had a nice discussion in the office about leave, counted up our days, checked our leave balances on the system and between 3 of us, put in 6 leave requests :)

The boss was out and when she got back we had to warn her to take a deep breath before opening the email but fortunately she just laughed.

She is also big on experiences and is totally all about taking leave!

It looks like I will ONLY be in the office 4 days in December... someone said, "why do I even bother?" but I want to keep 4 days for January.

I'm trying to book in Ballito again because we loved it so much.

I can't believe the crazy prices of accommodation. Especially in peak season. Which in South Africa is mid-Dec (I think it's the 14th this year) to mid-Jan.

For my American friends, a self-catering unit can cost you anything from R600 a night in the off season to about R750/ R800 in semi season, to R1000 in season and R1800 in peak season.

At least for the category of place I like.

And this is the cheaper version of holidaying. A lot of places these days charge you per person which works out a lot more expensive when your kids are over the age of two.

Of course, camping can be fun too.

So that's why we decided to go at the beginning of December so we can stay for a loooong time instead of just a few days.

What are your plans for December?

PS can you believe how babyish the babies looked?
PPS i can't WAIT to take some gorgeous pics at the beach :) and cross another item off my 38 things list.


  1. We are camping! The week before Christmas again. And we've been invited to spend New Years day with our family at their house on the West Coast. Lance says it's crazy to spend 1.5 hours driving and all that petrol to come home on the same day so I'm going to look for a little place for us for two nights only! Am back at work on 04/01 I think!

  2. December? Geez! I'm trying to finish out September in one piece!!

    I'm slightly excited for December because I just might host my first holiday for the family. It will only be 10 people or so, but it will be my first!

  3. Oh I love Ballito, and am so very jealous of your holiday you're planning

  4. What Mandy Said!!!!

    1. The entire Jhb goes to the beach so if you don't book early you'll get nothing good;) andalready too late for booking. From mid dec!!

  5. It's so extreme here in SA, what accommodation cost. I think that's why me and hubby don't do holiday anymore. We rather go to the in-laws (where holiday is free). It's ridiculous.
    Plans for December involves kids going to their grandparents from 1-23 Dec and then 24 Dec - 2 Jan we're be spending that time at home, doing outings together :)
    Love your plans and I have never had a holiday in Balito before.

  6. You see it's the buiders/industrial holidays form the 14th of December to the 14th of January. And that is also exactly how long I will be on leave! Yeah! Hubby alsop has quite a bit saved up so I am lookign at lots of time together with the kids. We had camping planned on the North coast but we may be changing it which this year I am totally fine with. But we will see. FOr now, I am living for THIS WEEKEND and the bush - I love the bush

  7. I dont want to talk about our December plans! I am hoping we will drive down for Christmas with my folks and D's aunt but right now I am not sure!

  8. December plans! WORK, WORK, WORK. Might take a few days off to spend time with family coming over the Christmas weekend. I like to be home during this period as JHB is empty and the "air feels cleaner" and the roads are a breeze :)

  9. Ooh, I loved our Balito holiday too - that place is pure magic! My family was making noises about going again in January but I actually prefer to stay in JHB over December-January because it's so bloody expensive that time of the year...and because the entire JHB peak hour crowd goes there too! I like having the roads all to myself and just relaxing. I'm hoping I can convince them that February is a better time to go there again, or even March, but we'll see.

    Someone asked me the other day what the secret company's policy is on carrying over leave. I had to refer them to the intranet site with all the policies. In the 16 years that I've been working i have never had to worry about a policy like that at any employer! ;-)


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