Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday night rhythms, Pinterest baking and Instagram

I know the pictures are crazy wonky - my blogger doesn't want to co-operate. When I move pics around, it's copying them................... will have to fix from work computer tomorrow. ******************* 

Sat afternoon grey skies
oh MAN, I love grey skies!

So I've had a new Monday night rhythm for about two months now and I thought I'd share it with you.

I get home and play with the babies for a bit and then I start cooking.

Something you should know about me - I can't cook in a dirty kitchen so if there are too many dishes around (we don't have a dishwasher and it's D's job), no cooking gets done. Simple.

But come Monday, S comes to work so on Monday evenings I'm super inspired to cook.

I often cook Monday's meal but 1 - 2 others for the week.

I set the babies up at the kitchen table with "special toys" - sticks and blocks, a puzzle, etc. to keep them busy and away from the hot stove.

Then when D gets home, they're all over him and I can watch the Bold and the Beautiful while undressing/ packing clothes, etc. and after those 20 minutes, I finish cooking in peace.
D is still busy with the babies by this time - they usually start reading at about 6:20.

I'm usually done by 6:45 and I put our food onto the plates.

The babies then have a last pee, I come in for prayers and I love yous and it's good night.

On a good night that's around 7. More often than not these days it's about 7:15.

If I have low-maintenance food going (for the extra meals), I just plonk my laptop on the kitchen counter and answer emails, etc. while that's all cooking.

Tonight I was brave and decided to try these pretzels that I pinned shortly after I came back from the USA.

cinnamon sugar

I discovered I'm terrible at rolling and folding them... I did 6 with cinnamon sugar and 6 with kosher salt and MAN OH MAN, they're good. I actually prefer the plain salted which really leaves me thinking my BP is low (I only ever crave salt when it's low).

Speaking of pinning, next week Thursday we're going to have a crafty link-up again. To get my creative juices flowing, I made another washi tape coaster with some Target washi tape :) Isn't it pretty?

Anyway, since I started watching Survivor a few months ago, I've become used to relaxing with D from 8 - 9 pm on a Monday night in front of the TV.

It feels so gloriously decadent but did I not say I want one night off per week?

And then last but not least, I was umming and aahing about whether to get an iphone or not. I'm kind-of ashamed to say the marketing machine (Cell C) got me and after consulting with Mandy and Cat, I bit the bullet and ordered one. I have a beautiful white one and an even more beautiful white leather case.

Even I'm tired of hearing my technology woes so I'm only about 90% sorted at the moment (Cell C told me when they were making the sale that I could move my current number to the iphone and when I went to activate it the guy told me I can't - so I have yet ANOTHER query in to them and tomorrow I go on hellopeter since it's now been a week without any feedback). Aside from the fact that I have to carry two cell phones around, I am LOVING the picture-taking with the iphone.

Today I got myself an account with Instagram (the 2nd time - I forgot everything so I had to set myself up again) and this is my first pic. I'm marcia0608 by the way.

This is what I'm wearing on my nails at the moment - I love this green


So tell me about your Monday rhythms... also what have you baked recently and are you on Instagram?

 PS I'm ridiculously excited about Sat's photo challenge. I have 16 pics I need to whittle down to 5 :)


  1. I love the green nail polish too!! (of course you probably knew I would :))

    I so very much enjoy those nights when hubby and I can just sit and veg in front of a show together. It seems so indulgent! We have so many things going on through the week, it's so very wonderful to have a night to do nothing, except hang out and watch TV together. I love that we have common interests and can enjoy a show together.

    The girls go down at 7:15, and the night is ours :) (till I crash at about 10)

    1. Of course I do! I think of you whenever I wear these bright colours :)

  2. I love the nails - I have a very similar colour and always get comments on it. Monday nights reality tv (now amazing race) is also about the only TV the two of us watch together.

    (I love that coaster and I have a whole shbang of Washi tape crafts ready to share

    1. wooohoooo - I can't wait to see.

      I'm going to make some gift tags and some proper notecards.

  3. YAY for the iPhone - I LOVE mine and I LOVE that it takes nice photos because often it is easier to grab the small phone than run and grab the big camera :)

    LOL your evening sounds blissful - mine is chaotic - Jack doesn't want to play - doesnt matter what I give him - he wants to hang on me!

    1. it takes very nice photos.

      My evening was rather blissful but tonight it's work again :)

  4. I'm like you. I can't cook or bake when the kitchen is dirty. I always wash up and then start.
    Noticing how you like grey skies, you then would love England.
    I have baked muffins, cookies and cake this past weekend. I made hummus as well.
    I'm scared of making pretzels. Seems that it can flop so easily.

  5. Well, I haven't baked anything in a while - simply cause we haven't been home all that much in between all the training and what not. We're going away this weekend and I'm responsible for Friday night's dinner for the family. I intend to make one of those cinnamon and raisin loaves to go along with that though. ;-)

    Monday night routine for us: get home, make dinner, eat dinner (at the same time water garden and finish up laundry if needed), then we read a book, build a puzzle or watch something on the laptop. Bath time roundabout 18:00 to 18:30. After bath time we might read a story, colour in, build a puzzle or watch something again (depending on my energy levels really). Theoretically lights out at 20:00 - 20:30. Most nights that works just fine, some night not so much.

    I do the proper cleaning in the mornings when she's asleep so that it takes a thrid of the time. Typically I get up at 04:00 and scuttle about a bit. At 6:30 we leave to drop her off at school before I head off to work again.

    Actually my whole day is off kilter with about an hour or two if I compare it to what I assume is normal, but this currently works very well for us.

  6. Yesterday we checked out a new daycare for Stefan, picked up two of my grandchildren from their playschool, cooked a meal for the whole family as a send off for my mom who will be in Australia and New Zealand for the next 8 months. I usually get home, make coffee, crash on the couch and put the food together an hour later.

  7. One of my favorite things about your posts is how you share the details of your thought process and your days! I am with you -- I cannot make anything in a dirty kitchen, and if I don't clean it before I go to bed, the next day I feel like somehow I did not gain closure on the previous day!

  8. I’m not on Instagram – one needs an i-device for that – this is probably not going to happen for me.
    I haven’t baked for a long time. BUT. I need to bake 6 things this year. I plan to do it all in one go. I am collecting recipes (on Pinterest) and shopping for ingredients in the meantime. Looks like it will happen in December – day before we go away so we have something nice for the road and for when we get to our holiday destination.
    I’m actually exhausted on a Monday and I hardly even cook. It’s usually Sunday leftovers or toasted cheese and oven chips or something like that. I am going to be doing batch cooking on Thursdays – this is also my clean-up and start-the-laundry-so-the-basket-is-empty-on-a-Saturday day.
    I did watch Amazing Race last night. While I was filing some paper. I think I may keep watching it for the rest of the season. I’ll see next week.
    Oh, and I really cannot do anything in a dirty kitchen.

  9. Lesley8:45 pm

    I made two lots of caramel squares last week (with dark and white chocolate), some for our craft morning on Tuesday and some for a Sunday school training day we had on Saturday. I also pickled my onions for Christmas. Must think about making Christmas pudding soon : )
    And if you love grey sky's come and live in Ireland, especially in the 'summer'. x

  10. Yes the Iphone takes beautiful pictures, the only thing I don't get is why people like the retro type pictures that seems to be the rave with most Iphone users (they are not very clear and I thought we got more expensive and technical gadgets to take better quality pictures) ;)

    Now every time I see grey skies or bright coloured nail polish I think of you ;) :)

    I'm surprised you are having issues with your Iphone sim. I thought all you had to do was get a micro sim and they move your number to the new sim

  11. Love the nails :) and woot on the iPhone... my fave gadget... apart from my camera ;)


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