Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New York City... through my lens - part 2

I'm crazy busy working and whatnot.... so no time to write a proper post. So enjoy some more of my NYC pics.
famous NYC taxis

random stranger. do you take pics of random strangers?

Bryant Park facing the Bank of America building

lone leaf, also in Bryant Park

subway machines

still Top of the Rock

love this vibrant red sprinkler
Which one is your favourite and why?

PS mine is the girl's dress :)


  1. I love her shoes!

    And no, i don't take pics of random strangers, because they mean nothing to me.

    This is a great selection tho and tells the tale of an amazing trip.

  2. I LOVE the Taxi pic. Reminds me of a postcard and it tells soooo many stories. I would actually mount a pic like that in my home.
    I don't take pics of random strangers even though it is tempting. I think it can be a bit rude and even freaky and quite honestly I would be completely freaked out if a stranger took pics of me without my knowledge.

  3. Oh I love that leaf. It's just begging to be the cover of something.

  4. I don't take photos of random strangers. Just don't interest me that much.
    I like the one of the taxis because I have a fascination about them, seeing them in movies and what not.

  5. I love the taxis! SO NYC! And I can just smell the gas fumes (in a nostalgic kind of way). ;)

    I don't take pictures of random people, but I do like that shot, too. The lighting is really great.

    I'm not exactly crazy-busy (other than the usual these days), but my computer is driving me CRAZY!!! It's SO SLOW. I'm taking it to the shop today...hope it's a simple fix. It's really messed up my goal of finishing August pics (and I'm SO close!). On a positive note, my pantry is nice and clean and I bought bins for the girls' artwork. :)

    Thanks for more NYC pics...I love them!!!

  6. Oh the red fire hydrant and yes, the dress

  7. The lone leaf has my vote.

    1. I sometimes take pictures of random strangers but I avoid making it obvious I'm doing that and I avoid taking pictures of their faces. It would freak me out if someone was obviously taking my picture

  8. I love seeing new york through your eyes. When I photograph a scenery and there are people they do end up on my photos...but I don't normally "aim" for them. Now I understand what you meant with no 3 on your latest post;-)


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