Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Our Sabie holiday - part 4

Since I'm dreaming about holidays..... and weighing up all the various cost options.... nothing on paper, just in my head.

Anyway, this is another post I found in my drafts :)

Last time we left off, we had Kendra sick and us laying low and relaxing that 2nd day.

The next day she was much better, obviously not 100% but we thought well enough to go do a little day trip somewhere.

This is the thing I love most about Sabie - it's 30 km to anywhere :) - which is a nice leisurely 30-minute drive on those windy, bumpy roads.

It was also our anniversary so we decided to drive to Pilgrim's Rest.

And oh, I had such fun with my camera and my two cute babies.

And oh, I had such fun with my camera and my two cute babies.
The only thing that spoiled the day was the absolutely terrible service at a restaurant called Scott's Cafe (I will not link).
Man oh man!
I'm passionate about customer service and even more passionate about enjoying life and not fretting about small things in the grand scheme of life but this bears a mention.
Don't go there. Or here, as the case may be.

The waitress couldn't get our order right, after two tries.That is not a problem (for me) if you keep a good attitude but after we pointed it out to her, she got all snotty with me not once but TWICE after stuffing it up. And wouldn't bring us cutlery or tomato sauce (ketchup).
I literally paid only what the bill said, not a cent more.
If you're all gasping, gasp away. I didn't even think it was worth doing a proper complaint about because I know I will NEVER go there again.
BTW, it wasn't only our table. The people sitting next to her also had issues and I eventually had to go fetch our cutlery from another waiter and ask a table nearby if we could use their tomato sauce. Yes.
Bad, bad, bad.
I've not had bad service like this since we took the babies to eat at Greenstone Spur about 2.5 years ago. But that's a subject for another rant.
When I was trying to organise a lunch in May, Cat said something like this to me - I'll even put up with the Spur to meet Julia, and I said, "no way, I couldn't possibly do that to anyone".

good marketing :)
I took this pic because it was 29 April and we were celebrating 17 years :)

"Kendra, look at me nicely" and this is what I get.
our shadows
my little hunters

And that is finally that!

Really, I just love Sabie and I'd go back there every year to relax if I could :)It's SUCH a beautiful part of the country (my favourite after the beaches).

When's your next break?
Anybody going away for the long weekend in September? And more to the point, what are you doing for Dec holidays?


  1. I love that last shot with his little belly puffing out. Oh those sweet baby bellies. Kendra's cupcake shirt is adorable! Your photos are just getting better and better.
    We have no travel plans for the immediate future...saving, saving, saving and planning away for the BIG adventure.

  2. I am a loyal follower of your blog would you please follow my blog back

  3. No. We're house hunting, so now trips for us for the long weekend. Need to save our money.
    Pilgrims Rest is a place I have visited when I was 12 years old and never again. Hubby have not visited it as well. I want to take him but never get to that either.
    I love that you all have enjoyed the place so much.

  4. Oh I adore your pictures! They are lovely.
    And I lvoe that cupcake T shirt.
    We are going to some game ranch place in September - we have been invited by S&I for their 9 year old's birthday. I am so excited.
    December is camping on the North COast as per usual but we are trying a new, very remote place. I am totally lookign forward to that.

  5. Gorgeous pics Marcia, you can almost feel the relaxation from just looking at them!

  6. Lovely photos. I love Pelgrims Rest and the rest of Mapumalanga...and the pancakes that is available in all the restaurants in the area.

  7. Where did you get Kendras cute t-shirt and do they come in my size??? Lovely pictures. I have never been to Sabie. How many hours in the car?


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