Saturday, September 08, 2012

{Saturday Snapshots} This week's theme is texture and patterns

Happy Saturday!

Oh man, this has been a difficult challenge for me. I love, love, LOVE texture and raw, gritty pics are my absolute favourites, maybe even more than colourful ones!

I wanted to put up about 15 of my favourites. Then I got it down to about 9 and then I just selected on colour palettes :)

(that's my fancy way of saying I deleted the colourful ones since it's cold and grey in Jhb)

Without further ado, here are my 5 pics for this week:

when I look at this pic, I can just feel the scratchy, dry, end-of-winter grass
I love, love, LOVE this corridor at my work - it's my favourite part of the whole building
can't you just feel the cold smoothness and the rough edges of this worn tap? I took this one for Elevate the Ordinary and honestly, I've never looked at my ugly old tap the same way again :)
lovely rough bark and a smooth-skinned little boy
I love the textures in this pic - the dryness of the leaf and the roughness of the pavement

Link up your pics. Don't procrastinate - just get them up and link to our blogs.

If you haven't yet looked through last week's linky's, you can go here to see all the links.

Which is your favourite of my pics? Why?

PS next week's theme is SOUND
PPS I can't wait for the one with WORDS/ LETTERS on the 22nd


  1. Oh that corridor had my heart racing - simply beautiful. I can see so many pictures there in my head. And the leaf is excuisite

  2. Oh that corridor had my heart racing - simply beautiful. I can see so many pictures there in my head. And the leaf is excuisite

  3. I live the corridor but ever since you've posted that spigot, I've been in love!!

  4. Lesley3:12 pm

    I am really enjoying looking at your pictures and choosing my favourite one. For me its the corridor as well - love the lines and shadows. Wouldn't mind going to work in a place like this! Now I'm wondering what the rooms must be like, lol.

  5. My favourites are the last two pictures. Can't choose between them...

    1. C looks like he was being naughty in that picture or up to some pranks.

  6. I love that picture of the porch. I hope I have an appreciation for architecture, and that picture definitely speaks to me. And I just want to cozy up in one of those chairs with a cold iced tea and a book!

  7. The last two are my favourites!

  8. Mandy, I feel the same. I actually also tok pics of two of those chairs. I should post them this week just for you :)

  9. lesley, I promise when I learn to take pics inside properly.... I will take pics inside that beautiful building :) Or maybe I should go do it anyway? I don't need much of an excuse!

  10. Love the one with the tap. Am almost getting cold just looking at it! And it has an almost rustic feel to it.

  11. I love these pictures so much! All of them...but especially that corridor. I know it's at your work, but it looks like such a great place to curl up with a book. : )


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