Saturday, September 01, 2012

{Saturday Snapshots} This week's theme is colour


Happy September!

I can't wait to see all YOUR pics. We should have about 8 definite and 2 maybes.

Don't get stuck in perfectionism - just go with your heart, choose 5 and get them up. Also you don't have to talk like I do. Just put the pics up if it's easier, okay? Cool!

I knew mine was going to be hard so I made it easier - I only went through August pics :)

Here are the 5 pics I chose. Please note I'm breaking loose and putting up some black and white ones :) Mainly because my grass is beige it's so dry and it looked terrible but I still love the pic.

one of her famous expressions
my gorgeous camera coat made by MandyR - makes me happy just to look at it and even happier to use it
3 am friend, C. She doesn't like pics taken of her so I feel especially blessed to have got this one. I think she looks STUNNING.
dismantling lawnmowers. I love the sunshine on the natural fibre carpets and all that yellow. Summer is here, people!
plants in MIL's garden. Louisa, name of plant?
5 feels like too few but that's my issue!

Let's see your 5 pics!

Which is your favourite of my pics?

Link up your post and remember to link back to one of our blogs somewhere. Thanks.

PS you know what else happens today? Santa Shoebox opens. I can't wait to sign up for my 3 kids and start shopping for those boxes. South Africans, are you going to sign up? Intl, you can donate if you feel led :)


  1. Beautiful photos...maybe I should take part in this challenge.

    1. Yes Lynette, please do!

  2. Oh I lve every single one, but what I adore most is the lawnmower. A little bit of childhood beautifully captured.

  3. Gorgeous picture of your friend! If I looked that good in pictures, I would let everyone take my picture, all the time. ; )

  4. Hmmmm, how do I choose. I love the expression on K's face almost like "yuck mum pictures again"

    The pictures are all beautiful. Surprised you could post 5 :)

  5. Lesley2:00 am

    Love the picture of your friend the best mainly because you call her your '3am friend' - so i take that to mean she is always 'there' for you - a real blessing!

  6. Late to the party as usual!

    I love those flowers in your MIL's garden. Although I think my favorite is the sun streaming down on the lawn mower parts. It totally captures the moment. I have noticed that I often take pictures of the messes left from the ladies playing, just to remember. :)

  7. It looks like a date palm to me Marcia, or something pics seem to agree:

    Lovely photos! :-)

  8. Love the camera case!


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