Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Saturday Snapshots} This week's theme is sound

So this week you can all blame Mandy - this is totally her kind of theme - but now that I've got into it and let myself use the less-used side of my brain, I actually found a lot more than just the 5 pics.

Isn't that how it usually is?

We think "oh I can't do that" and once you let yourself go there, it gets easier.

So let's play :)

the sound of silence
baby giggles
crunch crunch

Three of those are actually some of my favourite pics of all time :)

(also, you guys are so kind - thank you for loving the pics on Wed)

Which one was your favourite pic?

And now, please link up your posts, leave a comment here and remember to visit at least two people on the linky - it'll be really nice if you visit a different two every week :) :)

Week 1 - colour
Week 2 - texture and patterns
Week 4 - our theme next week is words/ letters :)


  1. Baby giggles priceless. Mummy and baby pulling faces beautiful. And the crunch.

    You'll be proud of me I stuck to the rules this week and I make a point to visit the site of everyone that puts their link up. Aside from the fact that I'm nosy ;)

    I also just like to see how different and similar we all are in our thinking when it comes to interpreting the themes :)

  2. Way to throw me under the bus!! Ha!

    I have to say that K's eye may be my favorite, that close, cropped shot is so you. But I love the 'moment' in both of the shots of C. It's impossible to choose favorites!

  3. Beautiful interpretation of SOUND! I love it!!! I can seriously hear the soundtrack to each picture!

    My favorite - just from a photography / sound standpoint - are the leaf pictures. I LOVE crunching leaves with our of my very favorite things to do!!!

  4. see, you are an artist! (and of course you can join in on the lists! all welcome! :))

  5. Love it! ... especially the 2 K ones.

  6. I think that the sound of silence pic my be my favourite one of all time. LOVE sleeping baby pics.

  7. I also like the sound of silence one best!

  8. Oh I love them all but I can hear those autumn leaves. Sadly I have literally had no time at all this week.


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