Saturday, September 22, 2012

{Sept Saturday Snapshots} This week's theme... words and letters

This is such an easy theme, right? I can't wait to see your pics.

I see words and letters EVERYWHERE. Even on my iphone I've been taking random pics of phrases and words. It's such fun!

we went here with Tom and Heather
Since it's late at night (I will schedule this post for the morning), let me get to it. My book and bed are waiting :)

a question I was asking myself at the speaking conference/ I want to start taking more pics of my little scribbles, maybe for the organising blog because really, it's how I organise my thoughts and my life :)

Signs like these were all over Charlotte - I think I have pics of about 4 different signs - also, I'd just come back from that conference and there was (is) roadwork happening in my heart.

Broadway - near our hotel. We walked past this sign a lot and it made me smile every time.

Just for MandyE - my "famous" foot shots at Top of the Rock (could also be posted for our texture and patterns :))

There's a story about this pic. I took it for the words without any context because I haven't watched any of the Bourne movies. D had to fill me in on the "deeper meaning" LOL
Soooo, which one is your favourite?

Aren't you proud of me? I didn't post 16 pics but never fear, the rest of my favourites will be coming to a blog post soon  :)

Link up your posts and let's have some fun. Can you believe next week is our last challenge? I may just do one a month from October onwards if I get my A into G. Would you participate? Or is a month too long? (I'm definitely not doing a weekly thing!)


  1. Lesley5:09 pm

    I liked your writing the best.
    Was a bit strange - after reading so much that you have written, to finally seeing your handwriting.

  2. I liked the handwriting the best.

  3. I would participate if the challenge continues in October, I like the idea of looking at pictures I take in a new light and having to pick the ones to post. Also, seeing how different people interprete the themes is so much fun

    My favourites- pictures 1, 3 & 5. Each spoke to me in a different way, but I like them very ;) :)

  4. Oh dear, if you haven't watched any of the Bourne movies then you have missed out! I LOVED the Bourne movies. You could read the books if you want - they are written by Robert Ludlum - suspense genre.
    Seriously though, I always love your handwriting - it's sooooo pretty.

  5. Will you fill me in on that deeper meaning as well? Because that's my fav pic

  6. I like the give in to it one best :-)

  7. Oh I would love a month one! Oh and there is a new Bourne movie coming? I adore Mr Ripley (aka Matt Damon - did you ever see "the talented Mr Ripley?). To me he will always be Mr Ripley being Justin Bourne or Francois Pienaar or whoever.

    Anyways, I am waffling here - I love love the mosaics one! But I think you would have guessed it.


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