Saturday, September 29, 2012

{September Saturday Snapshots} This week's theme is dirty/ messy NEW

I just came to check my dashboard to see why no-one's commenting and I see the darn thing didn't schedule properly. Soooo sorry!

Well now, this is the last week of our challenge.

Are you sad?

I am a bit... so I decided to host three more weekends. One weekend a month for Oct - Dec.

But on the second Saturday of the month. The end of the month is too hectic with all the goals I have to post :)

So get your pics ready for Sat 13 October - I will make a button and so on - but the theme will be black and white :) I'm hoping that will get my A into G for a project I want to do.

This week's challenge is dirty/ messy.

First I was stuck because I'm looking for beauty in my pics and mess and dirt are definitely not  beautiful to me.

Then earlier this week I got an email for another photo site I subscribe to, and they said take a pic of your mess in your house - laundry, etc. And I did just that. The pics were terrible but I started looking at things a little differently which I suppose was the point!

Here you go, my 5 offerings.

glitter glue

baking mess and untidy rolls :)

creative mess