Sunday, September 02, 2012

Seven on Sick Sunday

1. This morning shortly after 6:30 I had to send a text to a friend telling her we wouldn't be coming to a party today. 3 sick, 1 well (Connor) and I was the worst. Kendra has the cutest little scratchy voice though. I slept and read, and slept some more and I'm feeling like I may be able to tackle some work tomorrow.

2. D was great but it did mean the kids celebrated a milestone - having KFC for lunch today. They've never had KFC except for once after we finished with the paediatric nutritionist early this year, we went for a soft serve ice-cream - D and I had our own and the babies shared (I got them to half the portion and put it in two cups) one too.

3. On Friday while our friends were here (they left shortly after midnight! It felt good to talk and talk like old times), I started feeling a scratchiness in my throat but then again, I was talking a lot (about God, She Speaks, America, etc) and so I just drank water. While reading in bed, I took a Strepsil but Saturday, I felt bad.

I was able to get up (slowly) and do a bit around the house and with the kids, but when Nanny S arrived (D and I were going to have a date afternoon), I told him the thing I MOST want to do is take 2 Degoran and go sleep. So that's what I did.

Bottom line is... it didn't get better and early hours of this morning I just thought, "how is it that just breathing without coughing is so hard?"

4. On the bright side, I finished my 5 books for August, finished one already for September and am about 60% through with Five Love Languages of Children. I have to confess something slightly OCD - if I see that I'm not going to finish my five books for the month, I stop what I'm reading and go see if there's something I could quickly finish reading instead. That's why FLL isn't done yet.

I also realised this week I SUCK big-time at being an online book club because I'm not sure what to do. I'm reading, I think the other people are reading but no-one's saying anything (me included). So what are you supposed to do? Seriously, give me some ideas!

Well, this week I want to write at least one Five Love Languages post and let's see how that goes. I know I can commit to that so I will do it.

5. My beloved little project, Santa Shoebox, opened registrations yesterday. When I clicked over to go pledge my 3 boxes, 2044 boxes (of the 95319 kids in need) had already been pledged. In the 20 minutes I faffed and thought about which 3-year-old kids we should buy for, others were not faffing around. I refreshed and 2156 had been pledged. At the time of writing, 6657 boxes have been pledged. I'm beyond chuffed!

They are even more organised than last year and so am I :) I bought the toothbrushes and toothpaste last week and made a Big Production of explaining the shoebox theory to K & C. (BTW, they love toothbrushes - I buy them new toothbrushes a lot because they love them so much - I think I should ask for some toothbrushes for Christmas)

And then I took 3 plastic storage containers (for now), laid them out in the study and the kids "helped me pack" some of the presents for the kids. It's too exciting!

This is one of the items on my 38 things list and I told the kids they'll each come shop with me for the rest of the presents.

If you decide to pledge a box because you read about it here, I'd LOVE to know. It would just make my day to know this little corner of the internet inspired good things :)

6.  In my more woo-woo moments this weekend, I wondered if the sickness had something to do with my boss being back from leave on Monday. I got sick on her last two days three weeks ago and now again.... Hmmmm. And then I dismissed it and told myself, "take your vitamins". True as Bob (do you say this?), I took a vitamin yesterday and promptly forgot today.

and last but not least

7. Thank you to all of you who participated so far in this week's COLOUR photo challenge. I've LOVED seeing all the pics. We have 7 signed up so far (besides me) and the linky doesn't close til next Saturday but of course the quicker you post, the quicker people will actually see your lovely pics ;)

How was your weekend?
Tell me about one GOOD thing in your life.


  1. One good thing today: as I am procrastinating/writing my 1st grad school essay, I am listening to the sounds of Mellow and his grandma (my mom) play the day away. So much love!

  2. P.S. Mellow loves toothbrushes, too! We buy them all the time at the dollar store!

  3. Sickness has landed here I believe. I've been fighting a small bug, but it's amazing how much it hits the little ones. My ladies have rarely gotten sick, which I think is AMAZING because I expected them to be sickly premies forever. E has this cute scratchy/congested voice so I keep talking to hear just to hear it!

    Sadly we also have plans tomorrow and I'm worried this will call them off.

  4. Hope you are all feeling better. Sorry to hear you are sick :(

    Must be an end of season bug flying around. Hubby was also down with a bad case of flu since thursday :(

    One good thing I had a very restful weekend only stepping out to take a walk on Saturday and go to Church on Sunday. Oh one more thing got an all clear on a test I did on Friday so super happy about that :)

    Do have a nice and healthy week ahead


  5. Lesley8:34 am

    Hope you feel better soon. A lovely thing this weekend was seeing our new nephew - soo tiny, he is now my brother-in-laws 4th son, as yet no name - though they are calling him 'cathaoir' (number 4 in Irish). Cute. The sun is shining and my little boy starts school today!! Thank God for his blessings!

  6. I do hope you feel much much better soon.( I had to smile at the boss theory). I registered for the shoeboxes last year and then there were no more kids left and we then did a similar one at our church so I did boxes there. I will however today go and register today.

  7. Hope you guys feel better soon! My dad also came down with some strange bug over the weekend and boy oh boy did it make him cranky. He was Mr. Crankypants!

    One good thing - I planted sunflowers yesterday and I am beyond excited to see them come up. Something I planted in Autumn and gave up on already seems to be sprouting at last - that or it's a very pretty and organised weed. One of my online orders came today and I am really excited to show Nicola, because this one was all for her. And we're doing a nice family dinner tonight for my brother's girlfriend's birthday...I have it on good authority that there will be red wine, and there will be apple crumble and cream. Yumm! Also I had my first swim of the season on Saturday, solo, because my dad was sick, my mom doesn't swim unless the water is 32 and beyond (it was 26) and my daughter was much more insterested in running around naked than putting on a swim suit. Still, I enjoyed it. :-)

  8. This is exactly what happened to me - I was fine and then the next morning woke up sick sick sick and just didnt get better until I went to the Dr for antibiotics and a whole bunch of other meds. I havent been sick like that in ages!

    I also do the shoebox each year :)

  9. So sorry to hear that you all were sick this past weekend. Seems you're struggling with sickness this past few weeks :(

  10. I used yr link and went to register Santa Shoebox and chose my kids.... Thanks for making it so simple, I plan to do this every year and get my family on board too! I do hope u feeling much better.xx

  11. Hoep you feeling better xx

  12. Snort. I think your boss is making you sick. Seriously. I know mine is DEFINITELY having an ill effect on my health.
    One good thing at the moment? The sunshine. Seriously. It makes me SOOOOOo happy!


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