Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's been a 3

Well hello there

Gosh, today's been hard. The kids have just gone to sleep - yes, at 9:45.

We had a relatively okay morning and then went to church which was actually fabulous.

And then we decided to go out to eat since they've been good.

my favourite drink is water with lemon :) this is fancy lemon from The Marriott


That was a big mistake.

First, we went for some specials but when we started ordering, the waiter told us they were only Mon - Sat lunch...but you can't very well leave because you've ordered drinks already...

Anyway, the kids food came and they ate all of theirs before ours even arrived.

On the bright side - I know some of you have fussy eaters - my kids ate ALL their food without any trouble. (Rice and meatballs - we were at a Greek place)

But their table manners were atrocious - standing on chairs, insisting on eating with big forks, scooping food with their hands, etc. I think they were just tired and hungry.

We both had to take them for walks to get some of the antsiness out of them.

My food was delicious though - it arrived while D was walking with the kids so I ate at least some of it hot.

Of course the minute we finished we were out of there.

And then no-one was interested in napping so we separated them - Kendra and me on our bed, and D with Connor in their room.

K slept from 4:10 - 6 pm and I slept from 4:30 til she woke me at 6 pm.

Here's the thing - D gets VERY grumpy when the "schedule" isn't adhered to.They are KIDS and as far as I'm concerned, we need to be flexible - I just like them to sleep - I don't really care if it's an hour or two later than "planned".

So the evening's been terrible.

Supper at 6:30 (again they ate well so no complaints there) and then baths and more screaming (I DON'T WANT YOU TO DRESS ME!)...............

I told Pontifications Julia we had a very "real" day over here. Nothing perfect and Pinteresty in the least.

Anyway, on evenings like this I am SO glad for the word of God that says His mercies are new every morning.

I love that - tomorrow's a new day!

An early start new day, but a new day nonetheless :)

How was your Sunday?

PS In retrospect, I think it's actually about a 5 because one child more or less behaved once we got home and they both ate well the whole day!
PPS I thought my sickness was low blood pressure but I got tested on Friday pm because I had a slight episode again on Friday and my BP was perfect (120/65). I had no episodes over the weekend but will get checked again tomorrow to make sure. In the meanwhile, I'll be keeping some SaltiCrax in my handbag.
episode = nausea, dizziness, low-grade headache


  1. You had an interesting Sunday. Yes tomorrow is a new day : albeit a MONDAY.

    Shock horror (LOL). I would have thought you would be the one thrown off my the messed up schedule not D!!!

    Praying that the episodes are a thing of the past.

    Sunday was good : church, catch up on tv, organise photos, nap, cook, gym and to cap it all up God spoke to me :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead

  2. Eeeeek, days like that drive me bonkers!!! Glad you survived it! Tomorrow's another fresh start!

  3. Anonymous7:45 am

    Regarding your episodes - if not already done, it might be worthwhile to have your iron levels checked. It sounds to me like you could be anaemic.

  4. "a real day" I like that expression - well put! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, and I'm sure they probably checked this as routine but have you looked into iron and sugar levels?

  5. Oh gosh yes, we get days like theses dont we!
    Ours just went without naps both weekend days - not the usual but we were out late on Saturday and I just could not get them to sleep and on Sunday our whole schedule was just weird.

    I also wanted to say check your iron and hope it never happens again

  6. Um Marcia? I have episodes like that when I'm pregnant.

  7. Days like this are exhausting!! Eventually by dinner time I am like "WHATFREAKINGEVER" and just let it all go!

    Have you ever had low bp? Thats what happens to me when mine is low but the headache and nausea are normally when its REALLY low!

  8. Sjoe. I HATE days like that. It's just so exhausting! My Sunday was lovely. Church, lunch with family (THAT side of the in-laws) that we hardly see and then a quick pop-in at the beach. I was KNACKERED when we got home. Our lunch date was for 12:30pm. We were ON TIME! Lance actually wanted to go home first (we went straight after Church) and I insisted that we go through because I didn't want to be late. Well, at 14:30 we STILL hadn't eaten and Joel was starting to meltdown - it was also VERY hot and so I had to go and ask if I could feed my kid so long. Can you imagine? At least they decided to feed all the kids then. Sometimes people just don't think!

  9. Sunday was very mild in comparison. We took my mom for breakfast in Beach view at Barnacles. Then we had coffee and cake at Wynand and Nadia's as it was Christian's 10th birthday.


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