Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{USA 2012} My favourite things about my trip

I'm the type of girl who LOVES to travel but I LOVE to get back home too :)

So when we got home, before I got too "proudly South African", D asked me what my favourite things were about the trip.

This is what I told him:

1. God

God came through for me in sooooo many ways. I went to SheSpeaks looking for answers about my speaking, clarity about my message, etc. and I got all of that and then some.

I was sharing with friends the other night how during that time when I was so overwhelmed by the technology failures and crying, I opened the curtains the first official day of conference and.......... GREY skies.

Yes, He was looking out for me.

(I know this is weird for some of you but God and I have "signals" :))

Again, during the day when I just wanted to sit on the floor and cry from overwhelm, I walked outside to take a breath of fresh air and again............. GREY skies.

He confirmed that I am to do Christian speaking, and for money and that while my infertility is a part of my story, it's not my whole story, because ultimately all of it is to point towards His word. My story is only the "embellishment", the examples if you will.

2. Connecting with all my friends

MandyE, here are the chairs for you

Seriously, this was the best earthly thing.

Meeting up with Beth, the Mandys, Darcy and Heather was unforgettable and so very special.

Spending that 1:1 time with girls I'd only known from a distance (and yet not...) and for so long, with so many shared experiences was priceless.

I'm consciously not thinking about it too much because I get sad that we can't see each other more.

Why not though????? South Africa is WONDERFUL (mostly). See, there's that proudly South African thing.

3. Indulging in my photography

I had so many photowalks and they were all wonderful.

Such a treat to walk and take pics unhindered and to indulge in taking arbitrary pics of flowers, lamp posts and sprinklers :)

I realised I need to make more time for photowalks. I also realised that I really love it when people see me taking a pic, do a double-take and look at exactly what was so fascinating up there, or down there or at that angle :)

4. Staples
For someone who loves stationery like I do, this is heaven.

One of the girls who worked there actually laughed when I exclaimed, "oh MY, this is my idea of heaven!"

We went 3 times while we were in NYC and I got lots of cute things.

I regret not getting more of the green and blue mini snap envelopes and the purple glue sticks because the kids love those (so do I) ).

5. Duane Reade

I probably went about 6 times in total. Besides food and snacks, I bought lots of nail polish from there and my beloved Wet and Wild foundation primer :)

And last but not least...

6. Auntie Annie's pretzels
(I'm still dreaming about the cinnamon pretzel I had. If you have one, take a pic of one and mail me :))

And so I've been obsessed with making pretzels. I pinned this recipe and I'm definitely going to try it maybe even this weekend since we have No Plans :)

In any event, what did you think of my 6 things? Anything surprise you?

PS I had to do a USA/ NYC post on this day. I still can't believe it's 11 years!


  1. Oh you know I am a stationary freak too! Have you seen TYPO in Sandton city (oh heavens - do go)- they are inside Cotton on.

    I love how you talk to God - really a personal relasionship is what it is all about

    And photowalks- yes!

  2. Nothing surprising in your list for anyone who 'knows' you. Grey skies from God, photowalks, connecting with friends, stationery, nail polish and good baked products!!!! That is Marcia all rolled up into one bumper package :) ;)

    Only surprise you didn't put up more pictures (LOL)

  3. Love seeing what you top few things, were, Marcia! The first few don't surprise me...God, friends, photography...but I have to say that seeing Duane Reade in the mix makes me chuckle. ;) I think if you had more time at Target, it would definitely be up there! :)

    I still don't think I've seen a post on what you did in NYC, though! I think I saw you mention the Top of the Rock, one of my faves. What else? Pictures, please!!!

  4. I think it's cool that you and God have signals. Can you tell me more about that? How this have formed between the two of you and if I can have this with God?

  5. Annie's cinnamon pretzels are pretty fantastic, aren't they :)

    Duane Reade is funny, but I get it. I like places that have a little bit of everything. I agree with Mandy---had you spent more time in Target, I think you would have fallen in love with it too. It seems each time I walk into that store for one thing, I walk out with several things :)

    Your pictures are beautiful. I love finding old doors, or signs, or other off the wall (to some) things that make great pictures----I really enjoy the one you took of the pipe/sprinkler.

    Finding God is so lovely, isn't it? When he speaks right to your soul---rainy, gray days do that for me too :)

  6. Love your list :) and about the photowalks... you should join the Jozi photowalkers one day, there's a group on FB you can join and they walk almost every Saturday ;)

  7. AA's, DR, and staples. Too funny!! Everytime you mention Auntie Anne's I get so hungry!!

    I feel so sappy, but I also sad that we are so far apart. Have you started planning your next trip? I'm trying to work DH into traveling abroad.

  8. I'm so sad that our paths didn't cross while you were here!


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