Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Well, hello September

Just a reminder - start getting your pics ready to post and link up on Sat.

Right, so it's a new month and aside from the sick, I'm loving it.

Warm weather's never felt this good and I've not complained yet :)

So how did I do with my August goals?


I got 22 out of 24 done - 92%.

Onward and upwards.

Health and fitness
  1. Start taking daily vitamins
  2. Have vitality assessment
  3. Make dental appointments for me and kids
  4. Get blood tests for gynae
  5. Make gynae appt
  6. 8 times at the gym
  7. 2 L water daily (it's so difficult - I'm dressed in JERSEYS inside the office)
  8. 2 fruits and a vegetable during the day at work

  1. 2 dates with D
  2. 2 dates with kids
  3. Get messy with kids (both for fun and for pics :))
  4. Take kids to shop for their Santa Shoebox
  5. Pay the pre-school registration fee
  6. Book a beach holiday
  7. Book a date for our mini shoot

  1. Continue reading NT
  2. Pray for small things and some big things

  1. Lunch with D & M
  2. B's birthday party
  3. Team social
  4. C & L's birthday party

  1. Sell the last few copies of my book
  2. Work for 2 hours on new book - outlines and chapters
  1. Read 5 books, one a Patricia Cornwell
  2. Buy 1 - 2 work shirts (I just decluttered about 5 this evening - they're looking too faded for another summer)
  3. Finish blogging about my impressions of the USA

  1. Make a craft with cards
  2. Host photo challenge with Mandy every Sat in Sept
  3. Do Aug mini-book page
  4. Print NYC and Charlotte pics

  1. Go through bookshelf above desk - tidy/ declutter/ donate
  2. Buy paint and organise G to paint this cot
  3. Tidy stash of baskets/ organising containers
  4. Declutter nail polish
Crikey - that's 34.

Let's see how I do. At least we have a public holiday on 24th.

What's on your list for September?

Give me 3 things :)


  1. Get the school room organized.

    Get Joel organized and into his room.

    Get school started for the year - even if only carve an hour or two out for school each day. Very frustrated with this delay. I keep telling myself it will be worth it and get easier when my aunt moves in ... in 7 or 8 weeks.

  2. I.AM.SO.BEHIND!!!

  3. Wow, you have a packed month lined up!

    1. Finally get to meet Melinda and Jada this coming weekend
    2. Weekend away from the 21st to the 24th
    3. Participate in your photo challenge :-)

  4. August was definitely productive for you goal wise.

    3 goals for September: photo challenge for sure. I'm so excited about it. Already have pictures for almost all the themes :) Would it be too much to ask if we can do this October too (I like that it is once a week and not an everyday photo challenge)

    Do 3 or 4, 5km walks , I'm registering for them today. This is aside from my regular gym/exercise schedule And get back to my healthy eating habits (research wheat and gluten free recipes)

    Check out Santa's shoebox and decide if to sign. I'm getting tempted to sign up for 2 teen boys (I read somewhere else they are the most neglected group, I like to root for the underdog), just need to figure out what teen boys really like. I have enough shoe boxes (seeing Ilove lovee love buying shoes)

  5. You have a long and busy list for September.
    3 things from me:
    - Mother & son's birthday parties this month;
    - Read 50 Shades of Grey;
    - Visit family in another province :)

  6. A busy September ahead! :)

    Re drinkng water - I'm having the same problem because it sure chills you down from the inside out - brr. I'm sure we won't have this problem for long before the summery sun starts but, for now, a friend suggested trying the hot-ish water with a squeeze of lemon (or even orange).... will let you know!

  7. Wow, that IS a busy list.

    Ok, 3 things:
    1. Organize a Bday party out of space
    2. Host bookclub - this involves a 3 course meal for 11, buying the books (done) , covering them and doing the bookclub crate de clutter.
    3. Do at least some of the painting in the house

  8. I get tired just reading your lists, busy lady! : )

    My three for September:
    Make a gyn appointment for me
    Made dentist appointments for girls (thanks for the reminder!)
    Have a successful family VACATION!

    Hmmm....which one am I looking forward to?

  9. For September...order July and August pictures. Finish photo book for Dad. Do photo books for Q1 and Q2 for us. Hang a clothesline for the girls' artwork. That's a short list, but a tall order! ;)

    And oh, by the way, you rock, Mama!!!

  10. You are such a very organize person and I liked it.. I hope I can be like you..


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