Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} my favourite party pics

Caren and Marcia
I love how she's tucking into that cupcake
a lovely sweet smile :)
love those boots!
and the sweet little hands
toddler fun
The pink terrorist :) love this pic
Nat's son, D1. More important, SHE loves this pic too.

Which is your favourite?


  1. Not fair, how can you expect us to pick a favourite. Each one tells an interesting story and the pictures are so beautiful :)

    I love them all. Maybe I'll come look again in a few days and hopefully can pick a favourite then. But for now now I love them all.

  2. Must we choose? Maybe the cupcake ... or the boots ... or the hiding eyes ... or ... oh, I can't decide!

  3. LOL awesome pics :) You do love shoe photos don't you?!

  4. Oh those little hands! I adore them!
    And the pink terrorist one.
    My C does have an incredibly sweet smile

  5. My fav is Hayley and the cupcake and the tackies, of course! Glad I made it (or my shoes) onto your list of favs!

  6. Oh goodness! I LOVE THEM ALL! Sorry, can't choose a favourite here.x


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