Sunday, October 21, 2012

A few things on my mind

Well, here we are at the end of another weekend. They seem to fly by, don't they? I was reading someone's Project Life update (I really must talk to you about Project Life... or maybe on the organising blog?) and she said week 42. Eek - 10 weeks left of 2012!!! Do you have your 2013 diary yet? :)

1. I've just spent 1.3 hours blogging on the organising blog (yes, I'm tracking my time with the 31 days challenge) and I only have 5 days left.

Last year, the gall bladder surgery messed up all my plans but I must say, I've found it a whole lot easier this year.

2. I've been trying to get my kids to declutter some of their books but they're having none of it. D said he'll try again with them because those bookshelves are overflowing.

In other decluttering news, I have a stash of 27 books ready to go to a second hand bookstore. Yay! I'm dead serious about reducing my physical books to only 3 small shelves. I had 5 to start and now have 4. Yay me. I just wish I was faster at reading non-fiction. Oy! And they're subjects I love - I just need to think and process so I need a day to think over a chapter :)

3. Here is the button I sewed on the camera case Mandy made me. I felt quite resourceful because the loop is a ponytail holder :) but thank goodness no-one (me!) cares how that loop was sewn on. I do sew a mean button - my needlework teacher always said if you do them properly, they'll never come off and my buttons never do!

4. I'm trying to train the kids to get moving faster in the mornings. I haven't given up yet but it's slow-moving (hey! I should make a checklist) so this morning I bribed them with presents (scissors I was going to give them anyway :)). They were delighted and sat happily cutting away for about 45 minutes. Of course the sunroom was a MESS but something's got to give if you're getting peace and quiet, right?

5. The kids also learnt some new songs in children's church. We went to a Christian bookshop afterwards to get some daily planners for next year (I should blog on a really cool idea I got from my friend, Suzanne. Suzy, are you still reading?) and the kids went up and down the aisles, singing and worshipping Jesus. Oh my heart! "Where did you learn that nice song, Babies?" "From Teacher Antoinette!" (Teacher Antoinette is getting a little present from me next week for those priceless moments today)

6. Also, it occurred to me yesterday after the shoot that Christmas is very close. Every year I'm so tempted to be Scrooge-like and not send Christmas cards (don't gasp - people in SA are not really into Christmas cards) but then I remembered I bought a stamp from an etsy shop last year already so that the kids can make their own cards...

So we may just send to our overseas friends and like two locals :) However, I am resolute - I'm not making gifts for all and sundry like I do every year. Someone may need to remind me of this post when I see something cute (and doable) on Pinterest :)

Of course everyone's keeping very quiet about hosting Christmas this year. I'm half tempted to do it but I know D will shut that idea down very quickly. "Marsh, we're the ones with the kids" :)

Oy - still, we'll have to at least start thinking about it.

7. And last but not least, we postponed our beach holiday to January. I realised that I've become very fussy (I call it having high standards) and there weren't very many suitable flats in Ballito by the time I got my A into G. I figured if we're paying that kind of money, we might as well be SUPER happy so Jan it is. We've booked for 10 days again and paid 50%. I chose a 3-bedroom place just in case we decide to have a grandparent join us for a few short days (how quickly I forget the bad parts!)...

So how was your Sunday? What are your plans for Christmas?
PS Mandy, I'm dying to hear about your beach mini-vacay :)
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  1. O - Christmas! We have to fight the "where do we go" fight over Christmas and Thanksgiving (as if one holiday isn't torturous enough. Our parents live 2.5 hours from us but only 45 minutes from each other. It's doable to go to both places but exhausting. We always leave feeling shortchanged. Plus, we promised to stay home for Christmas but last year ended up at the in-laws because of out-of-town guests. Too complicated!! And too soon!!

  2. Nooo you reminded me about Christmas! I'm not ready for that madness

  3. Oh goos heavens, now I am totally stressed. I may have never been less prepared for Christmas and all that goes with it than this year.

  4. Oh yes. I'm also nervous because Christmas is nearing so quickly.
    So cool. Enjoy the possibility that you all can still take holiday in Jan and not in season like the rest of us. I miss that freedom though.
    Christmas we want to spent the morning at in-laws and the afternoon with my parents.

  5. Lesley11:39 am

    It may be our turn to host husbands family 'Christmas dinner' which happens in the beginning/middle of December. Which means lots of work - cooking big Christmas meal then they will all sleep over - 6 extra adults and 5 extra kids : )
    Real Christmas will just be us, not going to England this year.

  6. I am in such a bad place with regards to gifts. i have no idea what to get any of my family members except Nicola. Actually almost all festive seasons seem to start this way for me.

    We're doing the big family doo at my parents again. It's tradition and besides, there's a heated pool. ;-) We will, no doubt, eat until we fall over. Fall over, then eat some more. There is not even a small chance in hell that I will host a family chirstmas at our place. There is no room, and I come from a giant loud family!

  7. That's a gorgeous button...I love the offset circle in the center!

    We need to work on sorting some books, too. I'm struggling, though...I wonder if I should keep some "simple" books around for when the girls actually start to read??? Will those make good sight-word books? I think I might put them away in the closet, but not get rid of them just yet, just in case.

    I need to work on my books, for sure! I've been having this internal dialogue...I used to hang onto a book if I thought I'd want to read it again. And once upon a time, I used to read books multiple times...but I haven't done that in a long, long time. My books are Out of Control. I would be ashamed for you to see my nightstand...two BIG stacks of books I've read this year, that I don't really have a place for! Is that part of why you're using Good Reads, to catalog what you've read, in case you wanted to read something again...without having to hang onto a hard copy? Sigh.

    We're having family pictures made this weekend. I'm determined to get our holiday cards done sooner than the past few years!!!

  8. P.S. For the past three years, we've been home for Christmas. We have such a small family, so it's not a huge deal. Of course they'd prefer if we were in Alabama for the holiday, but this is our family. If they would like to come here, they're welcome, but I'm not schlepping to them. (Isn't that one of your words? HA!)

    We stayed here for Thanksgiving last year, too.

    So, that means just one trip, about a week before Christmas.

    As the girls get older, we might consider going down for Thanksgiving, too...but one trip during the holidays is plenty at this stage. :)

    Still, I hope we can plan to celebrate with some friends again this year. I love sharing the holiday (at least maybe Christmas Eve).

  9. I can't throw books out! We have 2 book shelves full plus another shelf thingy full plus next to my bed, Cams bed and Davids bed are still more. I can not throw them away!

    Christmas is a mess our side *sigh* - it will probably end up being at our house with all our friends who are here.


  10. LOL...I have been buying cutesy little gifts for WEEKS now! And I still have last year’s Christmas cards that I didn’t send out. Am only making about 5 EASY things and I’ve already started on them.

    They are sooooo going out this year. We are camping in the week before Christmas which in my mind is the best time because the places are not too crowded. We usually have Christmas lunch with my parents – my mother likes to entertain so it suits me. I have no intention of EVER hosting it. All that work? Oh no. Not for me.

    Sjoe I wanted to be finished with 31 days by the 31st but it just hasn’t worked out that way. It will get done though – probably mid-November? Unless I churn out a good 10 posts this week. Which I guess is doable. I’ll see how I feel.

  11. My cousin has a Project Life blog! It's all a little much for me, but you should check her out. All her paper organizing projects are right up your alley! : )

    I'm with you on slow you know that my children start eating lunch before everyone else because they eat so slowly?? It kind of cracks me up!

    We are beginning to think about holiday plans too. I offered to host my family this year, but it's not a big deal because we are all super laid back. We'll just eat at our house instead of my mom's, which is five minutes away. I like that the girls will get to stay home rather than having to leave their new gifts to go over there....and we won't have to haul presents from there back home. Win!

  12. I'm not preparing for Christmas LOL I figure I'll shop on Christmas eve :X


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