Saturday, October 06, 2012

A frivolous yellow handbag

This year I decided to write about my 38 things list regularly and update about all the progress I've made. Hopefully I'll remember to do this on the 6th of every month.

The way I tend to think about these things is 38/12 months = slightly more than 3 things a month, right? :)

So two months have passed and I should have 6 done. I've got those 6 complete but there are also another 5 definitely in varying degrees of progress... (eg I've decluttered 1 of the 5 shelves of the bookshelf)

I won't tell you all because some of the details are personal... but some of the easier ones were:

 - Read a Patricia Cornwell novel (Red Mist)
 - Get kids registered for pre-school (thank goodness, done!)
 - Do Santa Shoebox for another 3 kids (my boxes have been ready for a good few weeks now). If you're still on the fence, there are just under 30 000 kids who still need a box. I love this project because it's so practical and the kids will use these things for months :) Someone told me at work that he hates shopping but will gladly give me money to do a box for him. VERY happy to do that. The average spend on each of my boxes was about R175 (just over $20) and that's because my teenage girl's box has some extra toiletries and fun things like nail polish :)

and then the most fun thing on the list so far...   - I bought a frivolous yellow handbag.

So many people have commented on it and yes, it is lovely. Soft as butter and so fun! Instant jazzing up of my day.

(I saw a little girl at the gym today wearing a dress that said "sunshine makes me smile" and I thought, "me too")

This bag makes me smile :)



What's making you smile lately?
How are you doing on your lists?
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  1. I should really make an effort to find a bag I like. I think it might make me feel more like an adult, LOL! It is a very happy bag, I must agree!

    And you'll do the shopping for the boxes? Awesome! I'd love to donate!

  2. Oh that bag is fantastic. I am still learning to work with shorter term goal, althpugh I have a very long term one, as a bucket list type thing.

  3. I love frivolousity! (And I also love making up words...words that *should be* words, ya know?!)

    I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have a Post-it note holder that I just love. It's seriously one of my favorite gifts, ever. :)

  4. That bag is beautiful. Lovely colour, I'm so bad with colours though I always end up buying safe colours : black, brown and the odd tan.

    My santa's shoebox is almost done and I've convinced a colleague to sign up for one. I'm thinking of signing up for an additional kid too. Too addictive. Shopping for the boxes have made me smile. I have all the items for the boxes except a toy (though I'm thinking I'll buy a puzzle suitable for an 11 year old.

    Today I was happy and it definitely made me smile to do my 1st 10km in 4months.

  5. Good music is making me REALLY happy lately. And these fantastic books that I've been enjoying. AND my running. AND bread. OK I know that's not supposed to make me smile but since I decided to give it up it's making me even MORE happy. I'm going to do an update on my list later this week.

  6. btw I LOVE that bag. Yellow is such a fun colour!

  7. I love that handbag and also the hooks it hangs from.


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