Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Create} washi tape notecards

So these were the cards I made in about 20 - 30 minutes on that public holiday last month. 

To be 100% honest, I set up a template in Word with the words Happy birthday and Just a note ages ago (last year actually!) and also printed it then.

You have to experiment a bit to get the alignment correct but I did two cards per A4 (printer paper size) piece of  white project board, which then folds into A6 size cards (standard envelope size).

I printed them off, cut them, scored them and folded and all they were waiting for a whole year and a bit is some jazzing up.

Initially I intended to make more of the banner type washi tape/ bakers twine cards but people, I realised once again I am not a fan of fussy :)

Some of you are thinking, "come on! that's not fussy." It is to me because I am Super Impatient and No Fuss.

So I did one to say that I've done one card and that will be the last unless I'm ever really bored (this will never happen) :)

For those of you with more patience, please totally do it - it looks really pretty and send me pics. I'll live vicariously through you :)

And here are the rest.


My plan if I ever get there is to use a particular colour scheme and make packs of 4 or 6 in different variations and give them as little gifts to friends.

Don't hold your breath - it may only be next year this time!

As you know, my kids have been using washi tape as plasters so it was time to take control back and use it for its intended purpose :)

What do you think? What have you done with washi tape lately?

PS today Kendra has some washi tape around her index finger and Connor told me last night to put some on his toe because it's sore.

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  1. Oh I love love these! Brilliant idea.

  2. Very lovely. No washi tape craft for me, don't have the patience or the creative gene.

    I like that the kids use them as plasters. Must be the colours and patterns. Interesting how they suddenly have a sore toe or finger when there's a plaster :) ;)

  3. These are lovely Marcia! I've been dabbling with birthday cards only, so far...but really basic. I don't even print the words (although I really should!). Two strips of washi, and a 3D sticker...matching envelope. I've liked it well enough so i'm going to keep experimenting.

  4. The cards all look great! I especially love the banner one. :)

    Isn't it therapeutic to do crafty stuff? I painted two more frames last night...I'll blog them as soon as they're all finished, I promise. I am super excited to be making a Halloween montage of our annual family photos!!!

  5. LOVE these. Am still trying to use up my Washi tape. Will start buying next year again.

  6. I'm waiting for my tape to come in!
    I'm thinking I'll try my hand at making our christmas cards this year with the ladies' help. Perhaps I'm setting my goals to high with that one thought!

  7. I LOVE the one with the banner!!


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