Thursday, October 25, 2012

{Create} Washi tape gift tags/ mini notecards

Last month I made these washi tape notecards and this month I really wanted to play some more with cards and washi tape so I made these ones.

Remember the mini cards I made last year and earlier this year?

I find them so versatile - give away as a set, use for gift tags, or just for a quick random act of kindness note - and that's why I have none left.

So it was time to replenish my stash and also to make some for gifts.

What you need
  • A4 project board (white or whichever will match your washi tape) - I like the simplicity of white
  • washi tape
  • gunky scissors or ones you don't mind getting gunky because all that cutting of tape is not "good scissor" friendly
I used a guillottine at work and cut a couple of sheets of A4 project board into the right size (I am useless with measuring and think it adds to the charm if the cards are not all exactly the same. What's a mm here or there, right?) 
  • Basically cut into 6 equal sizes.
  • Fold in half
  • Choose shades of washi tape that complement one another.
  • Let loose and stick any which way, on the diagonal, straight on, whatever you fancy.

I washi taped two cards at a time and then I neatened the edges with my gunky scissors. You'll fall into your own rhythm...

I changed my designs slightly so I'd have the same 3 rolls but I only made 2 cards exactly the same.

Can you see?

This project was a bit like the fabric clothespegs (incidentally, my top viewed crafty post this year :)). I can't get enough of them and I'm going to make TONS more cards.

And there you have it - a very satisfying project full of washi tape goodness :)

I have another little project to show you for this month but I'll only post those pics next week.
Which set is your favourite?
(my favourites are the purple and the pink/ chevron)
Link up your creative projects :)


  1. Very very pretty - I love the pruple gingham ones. I adore any gingham pattern (and polka dots)

  2. Maybe it's because you repeated that picture in so many angles, but I'm loving the just says, "SUNSHINE!" to me! :)

    Thanks -- AS ALWAYS -- for the inspiration, Marcia!!!

  3. So cute...and looks relatively simple! I might have to try. I love the purple and the orange ones!

  4. The purple one is definitely high up on my favorite list. They are all beautiful and you make it sound so easy to make

  5. So pretty! I love the purple ones.

  6. Goodness, you're far too energetic :)

  7. I love them all, but the purple and pink/zigazags are my favourites!

  8. They all look great Marcia!

  9. they look GREAT!

  10. hmmm.... i have never used this tape. maybe i'll have to look for some! this looks fun.


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