Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dentist appointment firsts

Last year when I went to see my dentist, she told me to bring the kids once they had all their teeth.

Well, I was very slack and only made those appointments in Sept which means seeing her a month later.

Of course I prepped them. We have a book called Susie and Sam go to the dentist (there are lots of them, I think we have about 5) so the kids are into this dentist thing. Caren, I particularly recommend this book for girl/ boy twins :)

Connor checked everything against the book. Everything...

Both were well-mannered and greeted her properly, opened their mouths nicely, there was no crying and both of their teeth look good.

She emphasized the obvious things about sweets, fizzy drinks, juices, etc.

And that's it. Milestone out of the way. I took pics but they're still on the camera.

Then in other news, D and I went to the first part of a discipline workshop which was excellent. I'm still processing but really, really excellent.

Nanny S babysat (she had the afternoon off) and guess what? Connor was asleep at 7.50 and Kendra at 8.00.

I worked like a slave this afternoon and my work inbox was down to under
10. Go me!

However two business things are not done but you know what I'm telling myself? No-one's paying me to do those things so I'm giving myself permission to relax!

How was your Tues?

PS i am LOVING the overcast weather and rain in Jhb at the moment.
PPS Lesley, please send me a blank email to Marcia AT the123blog DOT com ......thanks

Pics of Connor taken around March this year after we went to the doc.


  1. I am VERY bad with this. I only took Joshua when he was 6. I panicked because he was sensory and hyperactive - I couldn't quite figure out how we were going to manage that. I STILL haven't taken Joel - the thought of such an appointment fills me with dread. That child can't even deal with having us brush his teeth!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure your little angels will fly through it with no problems. ;-)

  3. Well done! We also need to go again.

    And i had the most terribel day - lost my car keys in the mall.(But foudn them and the mall and securtiy was amazing)

  4. Well done. I had an awful day yesterday. Fibromyalgia flared up again, the first time in 8 months...and I didn't do to good in the pain area.

  5. YAY, big congrats on a successful trip to the dentist. Your preparation definitely paid off.

    Tuesday was ok, finished off with a bootcamp class (was good though a bit sad as I didn't know one of my step classes had been cancelled and replaced with bootcamp) the gym was super full (another reason I don't like summer

  6. Great stuff - I'm glad you took the kids to the dentist. So important.

  7. Where can I get this book???

  8. Alison Childs9:32 am

    My friend recently had twins and her oldest is going to the dentist for the first time I am going to recommend to her that she also gets this book. Then the oldest can pass it on to the twins too.


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