Friday, October 19, 2012

Friendship Friday - social media friends

Hello! My house is in complete and utter darkness. Apparently, my area's has a power outrage since 4 pm.

So this has to be quick because I have17% left in the iPad.

I've been on Twitter for a few years but I don't use it, I mainly keep it for my name. The dot com version of my name is owned by a lady in Florida last time I checked :)

I've written on here before about how much i hate Twitter. I hate talking and no one talks back. It's ridiculous.

When I got my Iphone I signed up for Instagram but a month later I still don't get it.

I paid lots of good money for a decent camera to have my pics exposed properly and I still can't see the point of most of those IG filters. I use the normal (straight out if the camera) or hi lo filters which is "saturation" in Picasa just to make the pics a little brighter, ESP colours.

My one friend told me she loves Instagram because she's taking a photo a day and will do a photo book of 2013 for their family. That's lovely. Other than that I don't get it.

I now use IG the same way I used to use facebook, to post a pic and a few words.

Except on FB people comment back a lot more. To be fair, I have 1000 FB friends but only about 19 IG followers.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I feel like I have to start protecting my heart from rejection. Isn't that silly?!

The other day when I asked why the blogosphere's so quiet, someone said she read that blogs are going to become obsolete because people would rather engage in short social media snippets. I replied and said something like, no way, that will never be me :)

I can't say anything in 140 characters!

And I don't consider a little snippet somewhere real friendship unless there's also the other stuff - calls, emails, face-to-face.

So give me your take on social media and the role it plays in your friendships.

Are you on Instagram? Do you "like" pics and comment on them?

Do you prefer the shortness of IG, twitter and facebook, or are you like me who wanted a bit more space to talk properly?

PS I treated myself a lot today. New bag, shoes, umbrella (Louisa, woolworths has gorgeous ones) and I bought my 2013 diary. Cat, it's exactly like the moleskin format we like but a gorgeous hot pink one called legami.


  1. I am with you! I just don't get it. I used to be on twitter a lot more, but now that I don't have time I have lost interest. I can't just jump in and out. And if I have limited time online, I prefer to spend it on blogs!

    As for instagram, I agree. I like a few pictures, but I think a lot of people are going to look back on these pictures and wish they took some quality photos with real cameras at least SOME of the time. these kids are going to have all their baby pictures through a million filters!

    Now I do get a chuckle out of a few Tumblr sites...

  2. A good many of my SM friends have become IRL life friends - they usually start out in 140 characters but there is always chatting in the background where no one can see the conversation. I think, that in order for it to get to this point, one actually needs to spend a great deal of time on SM. The way I see it, it's like blogs. If you don't comment on other blogs then you are not going to get comments on your blog. Same with twitter - if you don't continuously engage then everyone will forget about you. I am not on IG - don't have an idevice but I will probably go on it if I do end up getting the iphone. Thing is, I take pics more for me than anyone else so it really honestly bother me if no one commented on them. I read a blog the other day where the author commented on her lack of posting - she says that IG killed her love for blogging. I can tell you now that THAT would never be me. I simply love words too much. Also, I REALLY love being forced to say something in 140 characters. It forces me to be VERY creative with my words. So basically, I LOVE the shortness of twitter (it feeds a certain part of me - i.e. the instant gratification part of me BUT I also love more space to say ALL the words that I need to without having to filter them to 140 characters.

  3. We lost power today too before we left. I thought the ladies may die!

    I have noticed the blogosphere shrinking, but I can't imagine it disappearing. Can anything really be said or "happen" in 140 characters?

    I don't see the point of IG if I'm just going to post it to FB. I've never opened an account and have no plans too. I do, however, have a few editors for my phone.

  4. Lesley10:49 am

    I use Facebook but i stopped putting posts up about 2 years ago now (except for music, photos and i did a scripture a day over advent - will do similar this year too). Before, i used to post silly stuff and things i was doing. But after a while i just thought 'why?' I think I was hoping for rekindling of friendships or something down that line, but that didn't happen. In the end i just thought- 'who cares if this is my 20th cup of tea this morning?'lol. It all seemed egocentric on my part. I do still go on there every day (sometimes more than once) and i do comment every day on other peoples posts, because there are certain people on there i really want to hear from. I also really like putting photos up and looking at other peoples photos.
    I've never used Twitter, I dont even know how it works properly.But the idea of tweeting thoughts out and people following what you are saying and then following others is something that does not appeal to me at all. For me i think that is too much of an intrusion into real life - the tweeting, receiving and thinking about it. How do people manage it?
    I like blogs because they are interesting, inspiring or thought provoking - and you get to see a glimpse of someone elses life : )

  5. I am 100% sure for me nothing will ever replace blogging. Twitter is just too noisy for me. I love Instagram, mainly because it is instant graphics- I am a rorally visual person, and I can instantly share at the same time to twitter and Facebook, i put a lot of pics on Facebook as my in laws mostly follow our lives and events there.

    And with Instagram the hashtag is important. People will go onto say #nature and the like or follow. Also connect it to facebook so that you can see which friends are on it and follow the,. They may follow back. However I am rather sporadic on Instagram- I do my picture a day and then check what goes on in my stream - I do not actively go and check a specific person's stream.

  6. Glad you treated yourself today! I know you don't do it too often, but I love reading when you really love something you bought. :)

    I tried out Twitter for a few months, but I haven't been on in at least that long, and I don't miss it.

    I do enjoy FB for the most part, but I don't like the algorithm that dictates what posts you see / what you don't. It can be pretty frustrating. I'm "friends" with people on there for a reason...let me see their posts, FB!!!

    The blogosphere has seemed a little quiet to me these days, too. Part of it, I think, is that several of my closer blog friends have stopped blogging! Ack! I know they've just gotten busy and have decided that's not something they want to make time for, but I miss them! I keep up a bit on FB and email, but it's definitely a different dynamic than reading about their weekly adventures.

    I have backed off blogging a little bit since the girls started school. Those mornings are relatively hectic, and I don't get my "coffee time". And I have chosen not to spend my time when they are in school with me on the computer. And some days - like today - I just don't feel inspired to write anything. :)

    Still, I hope and plan to keep up the blog for the foreseeable future. It's still a great release for me, and I so enjoy my bloggy friends. :) :)

  7. PS. I don't really even know what IG is. You **know** I don't have an iPhone...or any kind of related device. :) :) I download my pictures from my camera every few days, and occasionally post to FB (maybe once a month on average). I really don't need everyone and their brother to *see* me / my kids much more often.

  8. Each form of SM has its place. For me FB is so 5 years ago, that was when I was addicted to it, now I only go on once every 3 mths or so. I connected with a few friends on it and we chat outside of FB. IG I don't get and now I loathe it as it closes any internet pages I have open :(

    Twitter has its own advantage but I write like I talk - which means the xter length is just too short. There's a bit of a clique thing on twitter in SA (I think) and if you are not one of the in-crowd you might as well be talking to yourself. Wonder if it's the same everwhere,

  9. I only use Twitter when I'm bored.
    I don't use Istagram. Don't see the point either. I like my camera too much.
    I'm glad you spoiled yourself a bit. I'm spoiling myself a bit this coming weekend - read my blog entry of today :)

  10. Mmm...I go on FB at least once a day. It's a handy birthday calender in that way. I am on Twitter and occasionally I will even say something there, but usually I just read. I don't do any photo SM things, no IG or any of those types of things. I have Google+ too, but after the first few logins I have never been back because it really doesn't appeal to me at all.

    As far as blogging dying, I don't think it ever will. Bloggers stop, new ones begin...people have been keeping diaries since they figured out how to write. The secret is just to be on the look-out for promising newbies when your reader starts getting empty-ish. ;-)

  11. You have 1000 friends? ONE THOUSAND? I actually did go and check - lol. That's A LOT of friends!!I just assumed you were a "private" facebooker.

    I enjoy IG a lot and am doing my photo a day there - I have tried it many times on my blog but just never managed to keep at it but IG makes it easier to do it.

  12. I do like IG. I have it set up to go to my personal facebook and twitter. I like that it's quick snippets of my day, when I don't have time to blog or it's not enough for a post. I also like compiling the week worth of photos into a blog post :)


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